Ready for Topping?

Planning on moving her into a 3 Gal fabric pot in a weekish…should I top before or after I move it and is she ready for a topping yet?

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Is it a photo or auto? Id let it grow out a couple more nodes if a photo. If auto, i would top


I agree, wait a while and after transplant


Photo and I don’t want it to get too big (or wait too long lol) and planning LST also. Probably only going to have what…like 2.5 ft height of good grow space, in a 2x2x4 and meh LEDs? Was thinking of potting up to the 3 gallon fabric next weekend and then topping when it starts putting out growth at a good pace again, then tying her down.

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As long as your plants are healthy, topping is a personal preference . I would top after the third or fourth node. I have a clone that barely has roots and I topped her at the second, and she is doing fine.BTW ,why 3gal grow bags . Are you going to transplant again before flower. Keep in mind, if you use 3gal for a photo . Most likely this plant is going to be root bound. Root bound plants need special care and attention. If you are not available to water your plants everyday, I would go 5 gal

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This what I see. Give it another day or two to make sure you can get a good cut on the main stem. Then…

The bottom left node isn’t great so I would get rid of both. They usually don’t amount to much anyway. This will leave you with eight major growth tips. Down the road you will need to decide how many more colas the plant will support. Do you want fewer larger or more smaller - your choice.
Then what form will your LST take? Here are two examples. Each has 3 node branch sets plus the topped stem = 8
This is the simpler of the two. Spread the lower branches out and split the top avoiding the growth from below.

This is what I did with my current AK-47s at An auto, three photos and a clone

This is it 13 days later. I kept its height under 6". It is growing significantly and will flip in the next couple of days. it has vegged for 9 weeks

I would top in the existing pot. Let it recover for a couple of days (you will see the two new growth tips) then up pot. I use 5 gallon fabric pots for photos.

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