Newbie - Transplant or Top First

So, I’ve got three fem plants going well (an AK-47, Bubble Gum, and a White Widow) and are growing outside. They’re all in one gallon pots and are working on their fourth (or fifth node). Was going to top them once they got to their 6th or so node which should be soon.

I plan on topping them but I also (obviously) plan on moving them into either 3 or 5 gallon containers. Anyone have a suggestion as to which I should do before the other? Or does it even matter?

They’re all about 6" - 8" tall and look very healthy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey @sweet1231, I’m by far no expert but it’s been my experience to xplant them first, give them time (a week or so) to get over the shock of the move and then top them. Happy Growing.


I agree with @Gspot. Transplant and then top. At least that’s how I’ve done it.

@silenthippie @gspot Thanks all. I truly appreciate the good advice. It’s just what a new grower was hoping to hear.

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@Gspot gave you some good advice ! good luck with your grow

Theyll stall upon transplant & upon topping. Transfer first

@Laurap @gspot @silenthippie One last question. The only growing I’ve done so far has been autos and because of that, I haven’t had to worry about transplanting - I just started them out in their eventual container.

But with these three Fems (AK, Bubble Gum and White Widow), should they go from their 1 gallon pots to a 3 gallon? Then a 5? Or straight to a 5? Or is a 3 big enough for their life span? I’ve got both 3 and 5s I can transfer them to and I don’t know if I need to step them up or not.

Any other advice if welcome.

You guys are the best. Thanks.

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I would go directly into 5 gallon. Leaves less stress on her. Start out watering around stem as whole pit of dirt wont need it yet. I just gradually increase their water as they increase in size. Right now they get a liter every two days. Just went into transition. Here are my girls: