An auto, three photos and a clone

It is time to get another journal started. To start with, this is a jack herer auto. She broke ground on 7/22.
Today is 34 days from that date. Tell me if it is me or are JH slow starters? I have a couple in the garden that also seemed to take forever to develop into anything. She is going to be a solitary upstairs bathroom grow.
Transplanted her from her 3" original pot to this 5 gallon fabric pot on day 31. Had nice roots and didn’t miss a beat

Today is training day. Anchored her stem to the ring inside the pot

And after a little stem massage bent her over.

I debated about topping or FIM, and given the time it took to get to this point, decided against it. She will be a single cola kinda girl. However, I did remove the two bottom sets of branches.

She received 4oz drink with root hume (fulvic / humic acid) and another 4 oz with FF Big Bloom.
I have to go easy on the nutrients as she is in a fairly hot soil mix. This is what I will be using for this grow journal. Similar to what I have used before but doubled the amount of coco and perlite, added greensand and Langbeinite for potassium

I did six ph test several different ways. The low was 6.2 and the high was 6.7. Three were in the middle at 6.4 or 6.5. PPMs were all over the place so not considered meaningful until the soil settles in. Till next time…


Ill be following. Happy growing!

I’m growing a Jack Herer auto too. Following along :slight_smile:

This was mine at Day 20:


Much stronger looking than mine was at that age. May I ask what you use for starter / seedling medium?

Welcome aboard.

There is a saying Ignorance is Bliss - well I am an example. I did not know what I did even had a name. I was simply trimming and removing unwanted growth from some northern lights. I had been tossing the cuttings into the compost and thought lets see what happens. I had heard of / seen clones throughout this forum so, nothing ventured… What I didn’t consider is when is the most opportune time to clone. The NL were well into flower. I come to find out this is called Monster Cropping. I took two cuttings, put them is sugar water (like my mother would do with fresh cut flowers) and OK that wasn’t too difficult. A week or so later I saved another cutting.
Here are the three cuttings in my impromptu clone set up

This cutting was taken from this plant. This is one of her main stems cut for drying.

Here is this cutting’s mother a few days later.

Apparently time and patience is a requirement when handling monster cropped clones (did I mention ignorance). After three weeks of nothing happening, I took the domes off the larger ones, and treated them like a seedlings to see what would happen. They DIED. So, I asked the forum for help with the smallest one. The common reply was hang tight, be patient, it may take a month, put it on a set light schedule (I had it on 24/0).
This is her one month after cutting. Alive but not much else.

Finally, after almost six weeks - a glimmer of hope

Ok - looks like she is established, I can see roots coming out the bottom of the pot and time for a little more room. Dropped a pinch of root hormone and Great White in the hole before transplanting


“An auto, three photos and a clone”, sounds like the start of a bad joke :laughing: I’m sure it won’t be though. Mind if I follow…?


An auto, three photos and a clone walk into a bar…
Absolutely, always welcomed.


I seeded her in a 3 gal with some Miracle-Gro Performance Organics All Purpose Container Mix.

Thanks! Wish I would have found this place months ago.


That is actually fairly similar to the starter mix I use.

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@Arrow @Audiofreak @anon84397802 did you harvest? @AutoMattik @Cap_Ron just thought I would let you know i started a new journal


Thanks for the tag brother… Set to watch…:sunglasses::v:

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Thanks, ready to watch. Peace

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Cool deal thanks for the heads up

I have a question again brother
When it’s time to flush can you use regular tap.
Here are water has 7.5 ph has chlorine and that Chloramine if that’s what it’s called but it’s regular city water and you know how that is?

I believe chlorinated water should sit and air out 24 hours so the chlorine evaporates.
I think you would want to ph the water to what you want, normally do. 7.5 is pretty high and could throw off uptake


Jack has turned her head upward after the LST. Will add another staple Saturday

Clone is growing

Finally, AK’s make an appearance. The one in upper left was the smallest and grayish a week ago. Appears to have come around. Believe it or not, they broke ground 8/2. Off to a slow start.

I had started 5 in peat pots with good starter mix. I think I drowned 2 of them. So I buried the peat pots in the 6" nursery pot and crossed my fingers.


Thanks yea I was going to ph down I just don’t know about the other chemical.

Looking good

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no idea either

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