Ready for autopot to be turned on?

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I know its probably difficult if not impossible from my pics to tell but does it look like I should be thinking about turning my autopots on and start bottom feeding or continue top feeding another week or so?

Have been feeding from top with a little armor si - Calimag - rapid start and Recharge with RO water. Read somewhere not to use the rapid start and Recharge from bottom. was going to run the 3 flora series neuts.

260w Rspect at 24-26" from plants turned all the way down. Never got a good lux app to measure light at plants.

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To small still.
I turned mine on today and my bootom right is 16 days since I put jffy puck in 5gallon pot, so total of nearly 20 days.
But a good rule of thumb is leafs should reach the edge of the pot


Not an autopot guy, but I believe I understand the process. You need your root system to be developed enough that it makes it to solution. I’m thinking that hasn’t happened yet. Once your root system is pretty good you’ll start to notice pretty rapid growth.


Thanks… really didnt think when I was reading 19-21 days it was from the seed going into loco and or rooter… did one of each… but wanted to make sure. @Nicky are you feeding to run off?


@repins12 grows hydro… And could give someone input too. I’m a soil guy! Good luck brother I’ve hang in there with you​:+1::+1:


Agreed with Nicky ,

Foliage reaches edges of pot open shut of valves for system and flood the tray

Also if you put your pots in the trays now, and top feed the run off will be absorbed the same way and help train the roots faster


Thanks… thought I had read from one of your other posts and you were in autopots too. Everything I read said to treat this coco loco as dirt with extended period between watering.


Thanks… guess I have a while to go yet. Since I read that you shouldnt bottom feed the Rapid Start and Recharge I had been collecting the little runoff and any left over and putting over the small veg garden soil thats outside for later.

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I agree with them. Looking at your pictures. You probably have close to 2 more weeks to go. You didn’t say if it was an auto or photo. So I will guess a photo. If it was me. I would start light on the nutes. You can always add a touch more later if you need. I am using 2.5 ml of all 3 for my autos right now. I use the GH nutes, and cal mag right now. Once I change to the pre flower nutes this afternoon. I will add the armor to it. If I was to do it over again. I would have just added the armor from the start. I was worried about it clogging my lines. I have been told by others that it is not an issue. It took about 5 days after I turned on my system before I saw her start to grow again. As @dbrn32 says. The roots have to find there way down. I am now growing at about an inch or more per day. I will tag you when I do my up date. I can show how much it grew in about 3 or 4 days. I am really liking these so far. I will try and keep up with your grow :+1:


For me the best way has been to water in one spot directly at base of the plant and a fair amount. Unlike normally where one would water in a little circle to make roots spread out we want roots to stretch down.


Thanks everyone… will slow down and water at base of plants for another couple weeks… or until the leaves are out closer to the edge.


I would be carefully with only trying to grow the roots down. Later on you will find the roots are needed to help stabilize the plant. I learned the hard way :roll_eyes: It is not a big deal in a scrog. but I have grown a few wobbly plants in the past. :neutral_face:


I understand I need to get the tap root to bottom so they can feed from there when the autopots are on but not completely sure best way to do that… but with help from all the great people here I’m sure I will make it all work.
One girl now to me has a very small stem and I put a support to hold it up… was hoping the air blowing on them gently would help strengthen both of them. Last grow… completely different than the autopots… I avoided getting any water on the stem at all… always keeping water a couple inches away from the stem… and now going to water directly on stem at times.
Not sure if its good or not… wanted to run it by everyone… but had planned on maybe watering the stem every other water and using the 9" ring to spread every other watering out over complete pot… or every third water out over complete pot? Watering every two days atm.


I have this little auto going now. It is in a 5 gallon pot. When I water. I put the dome over her and water around it. I am giving this one 2 cups of water or feed every other day. Once you see her growing. I would water the surrounding area too. Then go back to watering around the plant. That helps me to keep the coco from turning to dust on the outer edges. If it is dry. You roots will not want to go out there :grin: Hopefully this helps a little


I guess I do a little differently than everyone else.

I never read material from autopot so I’m sure there are things I probably shouldn’t be doing that I am but this way works for me

  1. I plant in solo cup and try to get the plant as big as I can in that solo cup almost to where it’s root bound.

  2. I transplant and turn my system on that day. The roots are ready to explode from being all bound up in that solo cup and I always figured turning the system on at that time would encourage the roots to “race” to the bottom.

  3. I also will top water for the first week or so after the transplant to help encourage root growth up top to help with anchoring the plant. I know several people said it’s not good to top water because of salt buildup but I use a super soil and don’t even need nutrients till the flowering stage and even then don’t use them till about the second week in flower.


Thanks TD for info. Everyone has their own little ways of doing things a little different thru out a grow. I love having all the different options to at least look at from all the great growers here that are more than willing to help and share. Sure makes my very inexperience grow a lot easier and a lot more fun too. I try and look at everyones suggestions and take them into consideration on what they do very successfully and use them in trying to come up with my “way” of growing. Even when it seems I am just “winging” it, whatever I end up doing is all because someone took their time to share and I use that info from reading it in doing whatever it is at that time.
Thanks again for all your and everyones help and ideas on how you do things… they are very much appreciated.


Turned on autopot this morning. Only 250 ppm and 6.4PH… 260w lite still at 24" above and turned up just a little on pod yesterday. Tent is staying 75 - 82F and 50 - 60 RH, is that ok for now?

Day1_autopots-2 Day1_autopots-3 Day1_autopots-4


Monday 4-20. Gold Leaf is going crazy in growth… height may become an issue. Everything else is going good. Even the 3 small girls are finally looking good… if we can get some warm weather to get outside.

Happy 420 Day everyone!!

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They are looking good. That one really stretched on you didn’t it. You always have the option to super crop it to drop some height on her if you choose.

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yeah… considering they were both pretty close in size when I turned the autopots on. The GoldLeaf has stretched way up and the WW is just getting bushier and bigger fan leaves it seems. Have already dropped what the GL was sitting on and added spacers under the WW… and need to adjust again just to keep close to same light height. Also did not need to remove leaves on last grow, but looking like I need to on the WW to get some light to it… or should I just keep trying to tuck them under?

Is there a "best’ time to do the super croping on the GL… am guessing the next week it will start to see flowering. Should I do it now or wait until it is in flowering?

Be Safe!