When other ppl, (roommate)waters the girls

So I told my roommate to water the girls, while I was running around, I use a turkey baster to water them and water in circles from further away back I towards the stalk, my roommate has grown AND has watched me do it several times and so I say yo feed my his for me real quick cuz I was thinking I was gonna be gone longer and knew he had to leave soon, and knew they needed it, so said “go give them food before you leave, you know how I do it” and he says ok cool, so I get home earlier than expected and this is what I walk into, THANK GOD the clones didn’t need to be fed, but these girls are gonna be ok, just gotta let em dry, but that’s a tough lesson, especially knowing he SHOULD know EXACTLY what to do!!

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And I don’t quite understand it either, cuz the while pot is 70/30 coco perlite, EXCEPT the top inch which is sunshine mix#4 I just added today, WTF? Can someone give some insight?

Water them :potted_plant:!

Coco is not a soil like Ocean Forest or Happy Frog and needs to be treated differently.

  1. coco NEEDS to be wet. It is difficult to overwater using coco and is best if you water it at least once a day. Get rid of the turkey baster and soak that thing. Non of this is true if using soil like ocean forest or happy frog.

  2. coco has no nutrients in it, you need to feed your plant from day one if you expect it to thrive. In fact you should feed your plant every watering, at least once a day. Non of this is true for soil like ocean forest or happy frog.

  3. coco will “steal” nutrients from the plant unless the the coco is blocked by extra calcium and magnesium. Cal-mag should be part of that feeding/watering of at least once a day. Also not true for soil.

  4. to keep salts from building up those daily watering should include watering to runoff to keep the salts flushed. Also not true for soil.


@CMichGrower bro I can’t tell you enough how informative that was for me and how much I truly appreciate it, I’m telling you that had I known most of that prior to my last coco grow I’d have a lot more weed right now, I’ve done research but obviously just in things that I thought needed it, or whatever but never learned all YOU JUST taught me, I’ve been doing it that way since December and now see why I had the problems I had in the beginning of the last grow, not many of em, but pretty significant ones, anyways yeah it’s light’s out for em right now but please believe they’ll be getting a healthy dose of drank in the AM thanks brotha!! Or should I go feed during lights out?

I’d feed them right now, only takes a second of light exposure.

For detailed and accurate information on using coco for growing cannabis, try cocoforcannabis.com

@CMichGrower Look they’ve been in lights out for 15 minutes right now, I have 3 super cropped clones with hairs in em 3 regular photos from seed and 2 autos, your say go in turn the lights on and feed them quick, and it won’t affect anything? If that’s what your saying I’ll do it, but I’m terrified to do so!! :grimacing::grimacing:or I have a green headlamp!!

If they are autoflowers there is never an issue interrupting dark period. Autoflowers could care less.

If photoperiod plants there is a slight risk, but if you use just enough light to see the pot so you can pour the feeding on them I think the risk would be worth it. You plants are dehydrated and wilting and waiting 12 hours to fix the problem will do more harm then good and is probably a bigger stressor.

No right before lights I gave them 2 oz each, so that should get em through the 12 huh, I know it’s not ideal but neither is going in with a light which I’d rather not, but if you say that 2 oz each won’t be enough I’ll go in!!

2 oz is nothing. If you have a green film you can put over a light you will greatly reduce the risk even further. There are special green bulbs that people use to access plants during lights out.

Well I did it using this green LED head lamp lowest setting with a sick over it still got em fed and got out, thanks!!


What does it take to water to run off in 2 gallon pots and 3 gallon pots and getting certain percentages of it?

To find out how much they hold add water a little bit at a time, say 1 quart/liter every 5-10 minutes until it starts coming out. Now you should have an idea how much the plants hold. If you try giving a lot of water at once it will just run through without saturating the soil.

I use 5 gallon pots and need to water 1 quart/liter twice a day as a base and if I don’t see runoff from last time I watered I’ll give it a little extra.

so would you say that if I’m using 3 gallon pots that a half a liter twice a day would be sufficient?

And it’s also weird, cuz I’m using roots organic “soiless hydroponic coco mix” and this stuff seems like soil to me, I had a bag of mother earth 70 30 coco perlite mix and that seemed to be the only TRUE coco mix, both the sunshine #4 mix and roots stuff both look and feel like soil and seem to retain water like soil, I don’t know maybe I’m missing something?

Get autopot bases and a res

@PharmerBob there right here bud

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Well your all set now… just use the AutoPot and you don’t have to worry about how much to water them…

@CMichGrower @PharmerBob LMAO :joy::laughing:, I already have the 2 clones in the only 2 autopots I have, the other 4 plants are in fabrics!! :joy::joy:

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@CMichGrower hey sorry to intrude in your thread @Kinglouida13th . But I’m interested in what Cmichgrower posted about growing in coco.

So I am using nutrients meant for hydro. The formula includes equal parts nutrients, calcium nitrate, and Epsom salt.

I’m growing in composted manure improved with peat perlite and vermiculite.

I have thought all along that the formula seems a little heavy on the calcium nitrate and Epsom salt. Maybe it is since what I’m growing in has nutrients, and the formula is meant for coco or hydro.

Is the same true with hydro, you use extra calcium and magnesium because the growing media will Rob the plant of these nutrients?

Do you think I’m heavy on them to grow in soil? It’s 8 gm each calcium nitrite and Epsom salt per 2 gallon watering can.

So far I’m happy with what I’m growing but always trying to get better.

Time to get some bases for the main tent, where it matters most