HLG 300W V2 Dimmable Grow soon Autos/Photos Indoor/Outdoor

What’s up everyone, I’m currently finishing up a s*** show of a grow due to crap lights, and lack of being able to take care of the grow due to working across the US :joy:. I finally purchased an HLG 300W R-Spec Dimmable to do this next grow. I was going to purchase seeds thru ILGM, and I had payment problems. I won’t tag the site I did purchase through but I will post the seeds ordered. I’ve been watching a lot of grows lately from some talented growers, and guys with great knowledge like @Nicky, @dbrn32, @mrpeat! I’m getting serious about my grows, and I have the time and money to spend now to have a very nice grow. I’m about to drywall/insulate a 10 foot long X 8 foot wide room and wrap it in either Mylar, or paint it a high gloss white and run an HLG 550, and my 300W. Also I just purchased the Fox Farm 2 part dry nutes, 35, 5 gallon fabric pots, the fox farm CAL MAG, a new PH meter, a TDS meter, a weekly GROW plug in to control my lighting schedule, about to get AC unit to supply fresh air, a InkBird controller for my humidity, and I may add a trunk line to my grow room, And run a 8” in line fan, and duct work to the outside. I’ll post pictures when the seeds arrive. I’ve planted the last of the white widow I had, and 2 died, and one lived and is doing fine. I transplanted all of them from pellets and did it wrong. My mistake totally. Anyways here is the seeds I ordered, tag along and stay updated, I’m always looking for good TDS charts, and I forgot to grab the FF 2 part dry mix schedule if anyone is running it and has any info.

This is the current grow. For those who have followed I was working in Texas and couldn’t really care for these plants. They was under blurple lights and my girl watered them, and that was it. When I bought my HLG this week the one that is in pre flower and is about to bloom took off. And the one with the buds in the picture is taking off. That whole plant is only 16” if that but it is all bud. And the one in pre flower I did a late LST because she is still
Growing like crazy. I’m hoping to get her a little bushy and expose some more of her buds on the bottom by stretching her. A little stretch can’t hurt anything :man_shrugging:t2: Looking for all the advice I can get, and look forward to seeing everyone else’s grows. PH was 6.5 on run off today and around 1140 on PPM when I did the TDS. THESE FUCKERS ARE 13 weeks old lol. Also anyone growing these strains posted above, let me see your bud ! There are 4 white widows in the pic. One is covered with a pitcher it’s 5 days old. About an inch tall. The other plastic pot is tomatoes. 4 plants. Gonna plant them outside when they get bigger. Also gonna Scrogg this time per advice from my local hydro shop. Any suggestions? Last but not least anyone used Great White mycorrhizal fungi for their roots? I used this on the new white widow


Good luck on the new grow. :+1:


Well she is 5 days old. This is one of the white widows, I am waiting on more to come now. Multiple strains. Delays due to virus. Compared to my last plants at 5 days she is way bigger. Loving this new HLG. And some pics of the last white widow starting to bloom !


Day 6, she’s growing quick. Using FF soil. Happy frog, Ocean Forrest, white widow seed. @nicky told me awhile back about mycorrhizae. Beneficial bacteria & trichodeema. I’m currently using this to build a microbial system in and on my plant roots to enhance my plant. One of the people who is mentoring me on this said they noticed a significant difference using this. I attached an image of my brand. Also using FF Cal mag too. Checked my TDS and my PPM seemed way off. I’m using the FF soil and it’s hot and I’m also following the add trio guide. Which I know FF soil is good for up to 6 weeks no nutes but I want to push these plants a little more


Well you sound committed, thank you for the tag, and you sound like you are getting a good plan underway.
Have you considered building a light? Or buying a couple smaller diy HLG kits so you can space your lighting out a bit more?

What medium are you growing in? Soil I take it at 6.5, 1100 tds for organic soil is telling you it’s almost done as most fresh soils going to be around 3200-4200 tds, feed once it gets below 1000.

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I am going to get even more lighting. Just have to time it right with my bills. I stay on a pretty fixed income and I’m trying to be smart. But I think this HLG will do the 3 I’m starting. And I’m in fox farm ocean forest, with happy front. 30% perlite per you on my original grow. Doing the FF trio, happy frog plug in the center. Following feed schedule. Now teach me about VPD. I’m so confused about That please explain. And I’m about to harvest one of my first plants. Honestly a complete waste of time because it might yield a quarter of that dry but I flushed it. Put it in darkness for 60 hours as of now and checked the last flush and it was like 2000 TDS :disappointed_relieved:

All good the first while is a learning experience, flushing is not scientifically proven anyways so don’t sweat it.

VPD is basically how your temp and humidity worth together to create a good environment for your plant to be able to breath the easiest.

So find the temp and set humidity accordingly (this is where a programed exhaust fan comes in handy)



Nothing happening today. Just letting her grow. Will keep everyone updated. Seeds delayed because of Corona :sob:

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Okay I need to look into it. I’d love to have everything automated

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You and everyone else haha automation costs money.
I think the closest you can easily get is autopots, with a controller inside the tent to control temp/humidity (this is what I do).
And then having a large reservoir with an automatic PH controller.
Once a week you would need to adjust reservoir feed unless you were to set up different reservoirs, all with oh controllers and have timed valves on your Res so one would close after say week 1 and one would switch open week 2 reservoir but then you need a lazer depth finder to control a system to raise your lights…
It’s not practical


I just harvested one of my white widows, it was crappy due to bad lighting during the beginning. All pistils were amber, and all the trichomes looked pretty cloudy threw a jewelers loupe. Need a microscope soon.


@Nicky what’s happening here man? Light is 18” away so not light burn. TDS is only 380 but it’s an 11 week old auto it’s behind cause the lights, and 400 is where I wanna be at harvest. Only wanting to feed water. Figure it only has about 2 weeks left. Should I add cal mag? That’s what it looks like to me. Been following the last week schedule of fox farm for the 11th week so I don’t think it’s nute burn. Use tap water but I let it set out 24+ hours


Day 12

Feeding time tomorrow! Should I FIM? @Nicky, looking for your advice big guy!

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Just seen this lol, I looked up the smart pots but I think I can build a reservoir at home, and run pvc, and valve it off, and when I go to feed I can pre mix like you said, and do a count before I do anything on how long it takes to put out a gallon, so when I feed I can open my valve, and start counting. I’m sure you either already done this or it’s something like what you are doing maybe. I think I can make it work. I’ll be sure to post pics. I’m gonna make a reservoir out of a big 5 gallon water jug !


Dono how I missed you asking for advice a couple days In a row I’m so sorry man!

Okay first off I would say your plant does have the showing of cal mag issue but I would like to see more of it because I’m seeing white hairs and that doesn’t look like it’s near harvest to me… But 11 weeks? Dang that’s a long time for an auto!!!
Clarify strain and who the seeds came from? Again?

I would need a side image to see if it’s ready to FIM. Count the sets of branches, those are called nodes, when the nodes in sets of two break off the main stem then wait until the 4th or 5th is starting to grow out the top and FIM it
Check YouTube for a FIM video it will make it much easier.

But I’ll show some pictures


Okay so the plant with the cal mag issue, I used 5ml of Gringo Rasta Cal Mag, and about a gallon and a half of water. It isn’t doing the best still but it’s getting better. It had some really dead leaves on it that I didn’t want to trim but I did. I think it’ll be okay :joy:. Also did another one of mine from the old grow that is under HLG now as well, it has the same cal mag issue, and someone said it was because the HLG lights, they had purple stems too. I’ll attach pics. All these seeds right now are from Crop King, they are white widow auto. And they are actually 12 weeks in 3 days. So yeah they are behind. But I just ordered from Marijuana.NL- sorry if I can’t post that I’ll fix it if so- and they delivered today. I got 35 seeds. Auto mix pack, AK-47, gorilla glue, and a couple others. Some photos as well for outside.

As for the FIM I think I’m too late. There is 5 nodes but the 6th is coming up now if I’m counting right. Pics attached of all plants.

image image image image image image image image image image


Im aware that I have some light burn as well, and sorry the photos are sideways :woozy_face:

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Hey man yeah you can’t put the website so I’m going to flag it as its to late to edit.

Strong LED’s due tent to cause plants to be heavy on the cal mag but once you learn it you won’t find it to be much of an issue.

Your nodes are tight, maybe even a bit to tight lol, means lights are a bit more powerful than needed for a smaller plant it will grow up and be super bushy. Thus showing you want to LST or FIM.

I’m growing ak 47 right now and grew it last harvest (still curing though)
It was a bit leafy but this go around it seems to be growing better.

Last harvest ak 47

Current grow

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