Rays 4th season Star Killer and Do-si-doe Bag Seeds (1 maybe a glue)

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New season starting out with my new Set up 6" net pots in 1 big DWC


2 star killer on the right 2 do si doe bag seed on left
This new tote is a 20 gallon


set to watching, thanks for the tag, get your grow on bud!

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Another first for me i literally watched her pop out this morning


lol that is so cool, congrats on your new babe!

How long are you planning on vegging for?

Congrats on the new setup! Im here and watching. Good luck killing this grow too

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I Plan to build a scrog net and grow each plant to that. DWC is so much faster in terms of growth i may just do 3 weeks again or 4 maybe it is going to be a short veg that is for sure. Not sure. 1 of these bags seeds may be a male. We found 2 seeds in our last bag of Do-si-doe so they are natural seeds so there is always a off chance one maybee a male.

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If I were placing a wager I’d say three weeks would probably do it… any longer than that and it will be a serious game of plant tetris and deciding which branches to cut away in flower.


Yeah that sounds about right
My power plant got huge with a 3 week veg. OMGOODNESS this critical kush i so loud and dank. Smokes danks soo yummy. Its my first time every using this medicine and i like it. They were bonus seeds from a order. I know what the power plant and the jack herer are like Fruity like apples. This was soo dank i cant believe i didn’t smell up my whole house.


Over here @GreenJewels

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Thanks :v::grin::green_heart:

Ok 3/4 are above ground the 4th one is just deeper in the plug so its taking longer to pop up
But i can see her in the plug so she is moving



And they are all awake now lol


Bad news so the final one pop and i look she has no leaves beyond the embryonic ones so i check her roots and yep i snapped it so i tossed her out and planted another one

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Ok all you advanced growers. How often do you feed your plants. I have always just fed 1 time per week but seems this auto outside eats and eats a lot of food. I swear i have heard that growers sometimes follow a Feed Water Water Feed Water Water Feed schedule? Is it ok to feed your plant a couple times in a week?

the lighting is low but here they are the empty spot has a new star killer in it. I killed the previous one


I feed, water, feed, water. Its all on the individual plant, growers budget, and preferences

That is kinda what i been doing @PurpNGold74 I feed then water then feed then water myself. Seems to work ok this plant is huge so i know she will take a lot of nutrients i could probably dbl my ppm with her and still be fine