Round 3 GO GO GO!

Alright all. Seeing as the last grow was mostly a success I’m all set for my next venture. So here goes , I’m graduating myself from the miracle grow class and moved myself up into the promix hp m stuff. Currently as you have read on my last thread I have 4 BRUCE BANNER FEMINIZED seeds started for my backyard and their going well. Where I’m really gonna need everyone’s guidance this time is my DEVIL XXL AUTO as this is my first time not using hot soil and first time I’ll be needing to watch ph and stuff. I’ll be putting my DEVIL seeds in water tonight with 1tsp of 3% peroxide. Seeing as im frigging high as giraffe lips on a j from last batch @Dman1969, I feel like I’m rambling on. Lights are 4x 2000w led on a 18/6 schedule. I have a humidifier a space heater for night time. 3x 6" clip fans circulating inside. Homemade ventilation. Will be using green earth 2 phase nutrient line. And So my first question this thread is should I water/feed the soil prior to planting my seeds as it’s dry now? So high I’m having a brain fart. Staring at my phone. Ummm. What else am I missing help me please? Someone think for me please.
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Damn it the wife’s playing afro man cause I got high distracted again.


Oh ya lol I forgot some pics. Thank you lord for this wonderful plant. Holy crap. Lmao.

Bruce Banner for outside


More pics once I make their bath.


I’m onboard buddy!

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All set to watch :bubble_tea::disguised_face::popcorn:

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And the devil XXL AUTO is a go.

So now does anyone have the answers to my questions last post? These are hopefully gonna root quick. Do I give the dry promix a water/feed before I plant the seed?


Are you asking if you drench the potting mix before you plant the seed? My answer would be “no”. I did that once or twice and it only encouraged bugs in the soil. Now I mix up my potting mix and perlite, stick my finger in to make a hole for the seedling (I let the tail get an inch or so long in the paper towel before I plant) sprinkle dry and/or pour a very small amount of wet Great White into the hole, plant my baby and gently cover her up with her cotys level with the soil, sprinkle BITS because I have an ongoing gnats issue, then spritz with my week 1 nutes. So only the small area where the seedling is, is wet, not the whole pot.

That’s if I’ve understood your question correctly?


I always soak down the whole pot once plant see then wait it out til she need drink again. Gives the roots a good wet base to start travelong for their food source. Mor wet dirt the more the roots will stretch to get to the water.


Man every1 has their own litgle ways of not drowning out seedlings lol. Ive never experienced bug doing it the way i do but i do feel ot is a waste to soak all the dirt not needed go be soaked at that time but ive had good success this way and havnt killed any seeds yet lol


Hey whatever works at you house hey? We all adjust to our conditions hey :heart_eyes:


I try. Just swotched all my exhaust fans venting to my crawl dpace instead of the lung room and it made a hige difference in temp and rh so far. Rh is down 20% and temps stay between 72 and 76 now used to hang around 78 to 81 with lights full blast now 72 maybe touch 73 closed up with lights on. I could never close the door fully before or id get to 90.easy within 10 monutes lol.


I put a little water around were the seed is going to go, then for the first week I keep a clear plastic cup over the sprout, misting inside the cup a few times a day


I put Diatomaceous earth on my soil to help prevent bugs


I grow in living soil so I setup my pots 2-4 weeks in advance and keep it moist until time to plant. Even when I used salt nutes I would always wet my soil in the pot the same day as I dropped my seeds so the soil has a little time to equal out the ph so it isn’t so hot when you plant. As for feeding I wouldn’t add any food until the plant recovers from any transplant shock unless you are in coco or talking about organic foods like worm :poop: , garden lime etc


Ok but seeing as it’s not a hot soil there is no nutrients in the soil. So it’s a feed from the getgo!!

Good choice on Bruce banner #3 I prefer it over the regular Bruce banner it makes you feel more euphoric.
Dono that breeder but hopefully they re fire.


I’ve had some Bruce banner before but it was a purchase rather than a grow. Still loved it and also found a couple seeds.

So once I plant my seeds in the buckets, is it just water I give it? How long from sprout do I wait to use nutrient. I’m sorry to be a bug but don’t wanna mess this up on my first round with not using MG.


Ok so here’s my plan. I’m going to pack the buckets with the medium…gonna mix 1gal water/feed at half strength per bucket just for a kick start for the seeds. Then I’ll use plain ph water til first full set of leafs then start watering with nutrients as per schedule. Im just afraid to leave the buckets too dry and the plants foodless

Can anyone translate these ph tester instructions for me. I’ve read them 10 times but still don’t understand wtf I’m doing. Wtf is a single point and two point calibration? Do I do both ?? All I wanna do is check my ph not perform science miracles.

I think this was the same point I was at before when I sad nope forget this shit I’m getting miracle grow. Just wanna dip the pen push the button an read the number.

U need calibration solution, I think u are talking about either 7.0 or 7.0 and 4.0 calibration. U can do either, it’s just more accurate if u do both

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I also buy those little plastic bathroom cups for testing and calibration