Quick drying samples

How do you quick dry your sample bud before smoking it?

I did one in microwave for 30 seconds and it (microwave) smelled dank for days

I thought I saw something about doing it in a freezer too but did not see how they did it

Any other clever methods that you know of?

I’ve seen lots of technics, oven @ 200 degrees for 20 min, the microwave etc. I just pick sample 4 days before I want to sample. Dry it in the open air and smoke after 3 days or so. Patients not my strong suit but thinking ahead and being Anial is. LOL


Thanks I’ll probably just do microwave again I guess unless something else comes up

I plan to sample today but maybe I’ll pull an extra sample to air dry for a few days

I usually place mine near the dehumidifier. If I want a speed dry I place it directly in the air flow.


That’s a great idea. Just don’t have a dehumidifier yet, but when I do, I’ll know a good method

Wonder if that would work with my sneakers

Ewwww that’s pretty disgusting

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I cut some larf about 2 weeks ago …
Trimmed the fan leaves off and rinsed it

Hung it for 4 days
Then put it in a jar for about 10

It was excellent
The most stoned I’ve been in years …


You don’t want to rush the drying process. If you take a small popcorn sized nug, nuke it on high for 1 minute in the microwave. All this does is decarb it fast. You can then smoke it and you will know how the high will be.

I do this every grow and has served me well. I learned this trick here on the Forums. :+1::+1::+1:


This is an interesting idea, have you ever wrapped any to expedite the moisture release? Small paper bag, paper towel, etc.


I haven’t, the original question was speed drying. Bags would slow down the process.


Yeah I’m pretty sure I got to go microwave as looking to smoke either this afternoon or tonight

It’s funny that Gary the weed plant smells different from anything I ever smelled, does not exactly smell like weed , but does not really smell like something that I can even describe

Can’t wait to see how she tastes


I may try doing a test on my next run placing dessicant packs with some.

Figured I’d edit to make sure on the same page.

I’m curious the results of placing some bud in a paper bag with a couple desiccant packs placed on top of a dehumidifier. I’d be curious if this would be a quick safe method. :thinking:


Could always try it. Never know, might be on to something.


I used to use DampRid dessicant to quick dry buds in a tupperware bowl, bowl half filled with DampRid, then I just put the buds on top of a paper towel to keep it from touching the damprid and closed it up for a few hours (check often, don’t want it too dry) worked great, did the same to quick dry shrooms.


Dammit I wish I had seen this between the Car inspection place (it finally passed) And Home I would’ve popped into the Dollar General and got some damp rid but once I got home I got stoned and now I ain’t going anywhere

Gonna clean Amber (the bong) and quick dry and smoke a little bit o Gary and really get toasted

I’ll let you know how it goes!

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Awesome, this sounds like what my thoughts were but using @Covertgrower option of adding air flow with the dehumidifier.

My test plan would be to use a rechargeable food grade silica with a couple indicator cards. Im thinking 100 grams which would pull around +/- 30g of water from the bud.

What were you watching to ensure it didn’t dry to fast with the packs?

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I just opened it up now and then and felt the bud.


So just dried for a minute in microwave
It was a little long (maybe my microwave has hot)
Gary was not exactly smooth all the way through (beginning was) but I’m thinking he’s effective

It’s just hitting now and yeah when she is done done I think I’m gonna be proud to share

@Mr_Wormwood Sounds a bit baked, depending on your wattage that minute may have been too much.

Heat 1 min @ 700w<1000w, if you plan to keep using the microwave I would adjust power level that might help the harshness. You might see what 70% does. Let me know if it does I would be curious if you find an optimal power setting for your wattage.

Good idea
says the baked guy


Seeing as this is a good place for it, @Covertgrower @Hellraiser

What’s your process for picking samples off your plants?