Clipping small buds to try: Best method to dry them quickly?

Any ideas?


Just tried this yesterday it’s not going to taste anywhere near what a cured bud would taste like many different ways look on internet pick one you like but you won’t be happy with anyway you pick

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I have microwave for fast drying. Or a reg oven.

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Thanks… I have one of those warm air dehydrators I was thinking about using, has anyone tried that?


I’ve also considered that. It seems like it would work well since that’s pretty much what it was designed for. I agree the taste will suffer a lot. But you’ll have an idea of what you’re working with.

I just jarred some Flav. Sampled some and am pleased. I know i’ll have something really nice in 4 - 6 weeks. Nearly an eternity it seems!

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It does, but I’m sick of paying almost fifty bucks for an eighth for mediocre-at-best at the dispensary or local delivery


I fully agree. Even though I’m just going in the jar, I still prefer mine over what I just bought. Nepal and DWS (I guess it’s diesel with sour? ) definitely NOT Sour Diesel!

Was thinking of getting my money back for the DWS. Not that it’s bad. Just not as good as my own. Not so sure it’s bias speaking either.

Quality always suffers when quantity becomes the important thing.

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Old Trick for a quick dry we used for speed dry for a quick smoke.
Place in paper bag microwave for 30 sec or so (depending on amount) let sit with bag open in fridge till cold and repeat till dry.
It will taste odd if you don’t dry properly and the effect will be poor as well.
I have a dehydrator now and it has been stated they work well on the lowest setting but I have not done it but I know it works great on kitchen herbs.


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My two Cash Crop autos from Cream of the crop seeds are at 71 days today.

I checked them this morning before dark time and they were almost all clear, maybe 10 - 20% cloudy at most, so yes they’re technically ‘done’ at 70 days but they need another week or maybe 10 days, but I do want to try some middle to lower buds now, I’m going to snip one from each at lights on tonight!

Honestly I’m loving auto flowers! And they’re resilient as hell too, there are my first Autos ever and if I like them I’m thinking of running 9 at once if I can ever get the space

As fast as they are, couldn’t you go with smaller pots to get the 9 you want?

I wouldn’t use less than 3 gallons, if I’m going to do it I need the yield at the end of the day

I have plenty of room I just don’t have the time/space right now, and I’ve got things already lined up to flower, I’m trying to slow everything down now as it is in veg

I have a schedule I’m trying to stick with, I just wasn’t expecting as many clones to root as did so now I’m reworking my schedule

…and four ilgm white widow cuttings from last week have rooted too, I just noticed an hour ago LOL

Feast or famine I guess ? :slight_smile:

Wow! You’re just having the worst kind of luck!


I’m sure you could find some friends you could adopt out to if you’re becoming overwhelmed! :wink:

Really, congratulations!

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I tried drying a bud from my first grow in the microwave on a paper towel. I had used Miracle Gro soil and food and there were so many metals in it it went off like a sparkler and caught the paper on fire in about 5 seconds. :flushed:

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Auto defrost in microwave for 100gram food weight to 1 gram weed works perfect in my microwave, not my preferred method but rather do that than get some crap smoke somewhere else!

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Put what you want to dry in a paper bag.
Roll paper bag up and secure it with tape or a hair tie.
If your dryer has slots in the lint trap place two wooden sticks, i use shishkabob skewers, into to slots of the lint trap setting the sticks far enough apart to hold the bag.
Turn your dryer on low heat or delicate.
Run for 60 mins and check the nugs.
Reseal and keep running it for 30 mins until bud is smokeable.

Other option:
Seal buds in a paper bag.
Place inside your exhaust vent for air cooled light.
Leave overnight and check in the morning.


So my lights vent into a floor vent and come up either on the other side of the wall (and heat my bedroom in the cold) or diverted into a closed room I don’t use in the summer

I put the bud in a little mesh pouch and left it for two days on the floor vent and it came out not bad at all…! :slight_smile:

it didn’t have the harsh of the microwave or the burn of the oven …it was more like dried in a dehydrator


And only used energy you were already using!

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Exactly! I wouldn’t do it that way except to rush up a couple small buds like I did but it really wasn’t bad …didn’t have that harsh throat-ripping effect that a quick dry usually does

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I hear ya! I took the smallest, weakest buds and put them in a pint jar. That will have to hold me through the cure of the rest of her. A little purchased smoke will have to carry me to the end of the cure.

Good methods found are meant to be shared.

Mine is on the right. The purchased is on the left. It’s good quality, just not mine. Lol

This is a closer shot of my Flav. I think she’s better than the other even without being cured.