Questioning my girls height?

They are 4 weeks old
Soil: fox farm ocean forest
No nutrients
Light: hlg 100 3000k
Tent: 3x3x6
Water: spring water and rain water
I LST two of them


looking good to me!

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I would LST all of them unless you have separate lights. You will end up with major height differences. You will need to increase light height to accommodate the tall one to the detriment of the shorter ones.


Their flowering, still wanna top?

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Good catch, @PharmerBob my bad I would not top

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Live and learn and make the next one better than the last


#1 I bent the stem, so she is recovering don’t want to add more stress to her. This is my first batch the next batch I will be trying SCROG

You will be glad you did. The plants look good. Good luck with the rest of the grow. Just curious, I see they are starting to flower. How old are they and what strain? Some autos flower earlier than others.

a couple days over 4 weeks,white widow

Mine are twelve weeks from clone and they are that height! But I received them root bound, with nute burn and what appeared to be a magnesium deficiency.