Why isn’t it growing tall?

This is a White Widow Auto plant about 3-4 weeks old. 240 watt HLG LED, miracle grow potting soil ( yes, don’t shame me!), Jacks 3-2-1 nutrients, although I’ve been sparing with feeding as I understand MG potting soil includes nutrients. About 70-85 degrees. RH only 30% . Five gallon fabric pot.

It isn’t growing tall like i see in so many photos posted here?

Is it the strain? The fact that it’s auto? Or is there something else i need to do?


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Backing off your light will encourage her to stretch out a bit.


Distance? Intensity? Both?

It’s about 18” from the lights. 18/6 light/dark


Sometimes they just don’t get tall. Looks like it’s not even close t9 starting to flower yet, and will put on height when that happens. Not sure how your bud development is going to go in that soil though since it has those little nitrogen balls mixed in it.


I missed that. They look pretty healthy, but you are going to have a problem managing runoff pH. I would transplant them into a good cannabis soil if you start seeing problems.

I saw a very minor bit of yellowing on the tips of one leaf that I attribute to too much food. But otherwise no problem so far.

You know, I don’t have enough runoff to test easily. Am I supposed to be watering it enough that there’s drainage at the bottom pan? Cause I definitely haven’t been doing that

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Why do you want tall? White Widow Auto (and most autos) is compact partly because the flower stage hits in tandem with the growth stage rather than after.
It looks perfectly healthy.
Don’t need tall for a nice yield. Think bush rather than tree. I recently harvested two (Zxkittles & Wedding Cake) that were essentially 4FT balls of buds. One yielded 12 oz and the other 15.5 oz.
I’ve got 6 to 8 oz from White Widow. I’ve also had crops of 2 to 4 oz as I learned what I was doing.
Within the next two weeks you will know if the Miracle Grow is messing with the flowering process. Too close I think to flowering for a transplant. But I fail as a dirt farmer. Heh, easier to flush a hydro system.


Yes the watering is one of the trickiest parts of all this. Water her slowly until you get some run off. Most people say 10-20% of the amount you put in. And if you get some really good potting mix you can add it to the miracle gro to improve it. I use Canna Terra Professional. With the fabric pots, you can easily check the pot for dry spots. They sometimes build up around the corners.

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That is a pretty powerful light. I would increase the distance a few inches and maybe turn it down a little too.

That does have something to do with it as well.

Yes, in soil a 20% runoff is recommended. Nearly a quart for every gallon that you pour in. That helps to keep salt build up to a minimum. Just let the soil nearly dry out between watering/feedings.
Drain/remove the runoff after. Do not let the plant sit in it. I use metal hotplates for risers.


How do you add new soil to a plant that’s already started and on its way?

So I should be able to feel moisture on the outside of the fabric pots?

I’ve been so concerned about overwatering.

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Well it seems like all the photos people post show tall plants. So that’s what I assumed was desirable.

I had the same question when my autos were 3 to 4 weeks. Yours are similar size to what mine were. They grew a lot in weeks 4 to 6. They probably quadrupled in size.


Interesting. Thanks!

That’s definitely in flower or preflower I can see a button on top. My WW auto is on day 45 and doesn’t have buttons yet

Not always, especially for indoor plants. Aim for more width, i.e. training the plant to catch more light with LST, etc.

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This doesn’t look like my ilgm WW autos are these ilgm?

Yes, ILGM White Widow.

What’s yours look like?

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Feel around the pot while you’re watering, it should feel cold. I had a similar problem. I had overwatered at the beginning of my first grow and got terrible fungus gnats, and I was so scared of repeating that as the plant grew that I ended up chronically underwatering her. Remember you want the entire medium to get some water as it all works together holistically.


Here’s my current one
This pic is at day 41

I’m at day 45 now and still not flowering