4 weeks old white widow autos

First time grower, have two auto flower white widow. Just wanted some input on how they are looking. Should they be taller at this stage?


Looking good growmie! Welcome to the growmunity. Not all strains are tall, some are short and bushy. Dont let that discourage you tho. Remember when they start to flower they may triple in size. Keep on growing on!


They look good, here’s a lick of my WW Autos at about the same age. Outdoor grow, but you can see they look similar. Mine are about a month from harvest and are all somewhat different from each other in size despite being the same cultivar and sprouted at the same time. You could start LST now if you want them bushier. Keep it up!

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What do you mean by LST? @Johnny500

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Low Stress Training. Take a look at the grow section of the ILGM website, they’ve got some good articles. It’ll reduce the height of your plants, making them bushier and increasing the number of colas and hopefully increasing yield.


This is a pic of it, basically I just tied down the main stem to bend it at an angle, and then repeated the process every week until they were into the flower phase. They’ve busted out nicely, I’ll post a current pic when I get home

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These will be 8 weeks old tomorrow. You can see the bushiness, Vs. a Christmas tree shape if you don’t do any LST. You’ll still get plenty of bud either way.

Thanks @Johnny500 I appreciate the info