Question about scrogg..Auto's is it OK to scrogg autos

Just wondering if it’s advisable to scrogg Auto’s…I know I’ve heard prunning the lower branches can cause them to slow down and hurt the yield…but with all the good advice and have I ever mentioned that the seeds are top shelf …:grin:…Robert Bergm

an is my choice…but anyway I got 3 autos doing awesome just wanted some opinion on this subject


From what I understand of autos, you want to give them strong light at 18/6 and don’t crop or top. Lst is good to get light inside but don’t stress them too much.

There are a ton of threads on autos here with everything from a-z on them. Yours look great. I would keep doing what you’re doing.

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They do look good! …I don’t have your answer but I have a question about topping autos, so I’m going to follow your thread

  • good luck

I have topped autos trimmed heavily and LST my plants are doing great. With autos you have to top early before the plants go into flower or before they hit preflower. As for pruning I always prune my plant after I spread them with LST so I know which leaves are necessary and which ones need to go. This is my auto that I’ve done everything to but supercrop.


Thanks guys those are 60 day wonders DNA Genetics …seeds I was thinking
about white widows then it dawned on me those beans come from Royal queen
…thanks for advice

Thank u for the pointer

what is LST ?..i am baffled.

Sorry bro LST stands for light/low stress training ie: tying down or tucking leaves to allow for greater light penetration and an even canopy involves no trimming or breakage of the plants stem thus though the low stress. Hope that answers your question.

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Thank you for your reply, do you get any increase/decrease of GREY MOLD with this method?

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No actually it does the opposite it increases air flow lst is constant and is done from early on think of it as a bonsai tree. You are making the plant take the shape you want

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LST is crucial for yield

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You have enlightened me and I thank you Usmcjojo.
James68 thinking of Bonsai Treeweed

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this article appeared today in the UK newspaper/online ‘The Guardian’.

I thought it may be of interest to you.

James68 (Junior Scrog Lad )

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