Question about roots

I know from Bansai plant info I have followed over the years that roots can be trained as well as branches. The art of Bansai does interesting things to just about all parts of a tree - effectively slowing it down and stunting or dwarfing it.

It seems to me similar things might be done with a marijuana plant - but for opposite effects or reasons, even though the root systems are a part of the plant only a hydroponic grow would really make accessible.

We know that topping a plant or FIMMING it can split the main trunk and provide not one but TWO or FOUR main stems…

What happens if the main tap root is clipped? Does it divide and grow TWO?

I really have no idea, and have seen nothing on this possibility.

WHAT I wonder, can we do to (or with) roots?
Is there an art or root training method that anyone has heard of?
Can roots be used for clones?
If a root tip is brought up out of the ground, will it “GREEN” and begin to form a shoot?

~ it begs all sorts of questions.

As a matter of fact - one of the Bansai training methods I recall is to take a branch of the plant and pack a layer of dirt around it wrapped in a cloth and watered every so often.

This causes the branch to begin transforming into a root and sending out hair fine tendrils…

Once there are enough, the cloth and dirt are removed from around the branch, and the tiny hair fine roots now turn into tiny branches (!)

That’s fine for miniature trees! But what can we do to make a plant either BIGGER or more PRODUCTIVE?

I hope I have set your head spinning, mine is. I never thought of that before.

My central (and most interesting) thought here is: If you can cause the main tap root to SPLIT and DOUBLE…

What happens?

Has anyone ever heard of a thing AT ALL like that?

What if a hydroponicist can FIMM ROOTS, causing 4 times the root base?

Here is yet ANOTHER good “Q”:

Can you SQUEEZE roots to cause underground “SUPERCROPPING”???

  • On a hike in the SOCAL mountains, a guide pointed out how roots of native plants can actually SPLIT APART granite boulders. They are much tougher than they seem

Good question and immset to following
I think yiu have brought up a interesting topic here @FrikkinFrank
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I hope to see this grow into an interesting line of study - even if it never produces anything but exotic or trivial information.

(the guy who calls his self Frikkin’ Frank)

PS: SOMEBODY has to ask the seriously WEIRD questions by golly!

I see forum areas about nearly everything else, so why not? The ROOTS are a valid and considerably large portion of the plant, any plant. But how much, not “STUDY” - I know that root systems have been heavily studied, but experimentation into marijuana root manipulation has actually been tried?

  • If anyone has any stories along these lines bring 'em on…

I REFUSE to believe I am the first to think of this

Even though I am not quite sure what to call it. If it was a Government program no doubt they would call it:

“Marijuana Accelleration by Stimulated Root Extension”
(MASRE" as opposed to “MASER”)

I would be tempted to name it:

Sub-Terranian Original Nutrient Equipment Redoubling

Why make it seem nuclear? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(a small voice says)

HONESTLY however, if this results in anything like an increase in the root base (a prime means of nutrient uptake) it should have a direct influence on plant growth. Why would it not?

Like topping or fimming, I bet it would call for a recovery period. So it should stall growth at first - but for how long?

And would it do what we think?

If not, what else can we try?

~ From what I have seen the roots are an unexplored area AT LEAST in terms of “PRUNING” and tweaking

At the very least, root propagation should have it’s own forum sub area some day…


HERE is another thing I’ve never considered, and it is MAPPING the roots (!)

At what point in regards to the leaves forming above, do branches to the roots form?

Can they be identified as “BELONGING to SPECIFIC Branches?”

Has anyone ever modeled which roots form when what branches form, or observed it?

(?) If the plant is topped and the root “DIKED” at the same time, does it spread out both top and bottom?

Just a sudden idea


I like where you’re heads at man!
I Know of a few instances that Growers here have cut the root ball in half to get ahead of root rot, or if it were root bound. To get the root system growing again.
But I’d like to see someone try to FIM the tap root, that would be interesting for sure.
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You can train your roots. This is my first grow where I put chicken wire to train the roots into. This worked OK but eventually got a big root ball and root rot.

On my fogger grows, I trim the bottom of the roots so they don’t hang into the fogger. You can see where I had cut the roots about a week ago and the new white growth. I have also cut off a big tap root and it doesn’t grow from the end anymore. It does not split like when you top or fimm. It just grows small hair like shoots out the sides.

Root zone of my aero 1 grow. I should have trained these because they grow into the misters.

Nice fish bone root on my clones.

Root growth in this clone fogger is amazing.

I hope that answers some questions, or maybe just made more. lol

@Nug-bug @FrikkinFrank @Countryboyjvd1971


Very interesting subject. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything to add but I’m watching to see what others say. :sunglasses::v:

they call this air layering it is an effective cloning method I actually skin 2/3 of bark put cloning gel on then wrap with rockwool and plastic wrap followed by foil I use syringe to insert water. Did it a few times just to try it worked quite well plant is fed by host as it develops roots can be done with larger plants and clones can start life quite large :wink:


My God! I’ve opened “Pandora’s Box”…


Now I have to check out “Fogger Systems” because that sounds INCREDIBLY interesting all of a sudden…

  • If you clone only the biggest branches… NEVER MIND!!! Not time to ask yet.


  1. What if instead of clipping the tap root, it were split along it’s length?
  2. I wonder if splitting a top is possible?
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I saw a program about tree roots, it said that in forests and places with trees all growing closely they all actually grow together so you end up with 100 trees on 1 main root system and trees actually communicate with each other via their root systems

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If it happens with shrubs too, it could be a possible thing. Bind roots together with some kind of band and see if they grow together?

Wrap them together inside cloning gel, rockwool, and some kind of wrapper…

Don’t know, but I bet it sparked an idea with someone who does.

How many years can a pot plant grow? They normally die at the end of the season, but I heard something about keeping trained bushes of pot alive

** I just ran down some rumors on the net, and there have been “Mother Plants” over 30 years old before. That makes this even more interesting, doesn’t it?

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Hi all, I’m going into second week of flower but still don’t have roots in my trays is there something I’m doing wrong? Thanks guys

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