How do you get your stem to split

So I have a question, I have 5 large plants in week 1 of flowering. Those are fine and dandy I’ll post pics when they wake up. On to my question, I have 6 plants that were put in dirt 11/17 all are around 10 to 14 inches now. How do I get the stem to split I don’t want to kill the plants please help.


Use a drill bit and drill it out and shove something through it easier then ducking with a knife or anything else for that matter

Are they still in Veg, I may be a little confused. Are you asking about getting the top of the plant to split and grow into two stems or are you asking about stem splitting late in flower to try to increase trichome production.

Yes how do you correctly get the stem to grow into two they are still in veg only around a month old.


Is that topping?

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OK, You are asking about topping them. And they are probably at the right stage to do that. I didn’t have a good pic of example. I’m going to post a pic of how to top. Topping will cause the main stem to grow into two stems. Actually you can just Google how to top cannabis and you will get multiple sites to teach how to top. Or go to YouTube and search the same.


If plants are autoflower I would suggest not topping until you’ve gained experience. If photoperiod; that’s about the time I do a topping. There’s another technique called ‘FIM’ing’ which will produce four tops.



Thanks for posting, I thought I had a pic of this graphic,apparently I don’t. I’ll be screen shooting this one :+1:

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Thank you very much

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Wait is fimm cut splitting into 4

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Yes, if you do it properly it will divide into four tops. But remember what FIM stands for “F*^k I Missed” LOL :slightly_smiling_face: a lot of times when trying to fim you won’t cut it perfectly. Try to watch a couple of videos before trying. And as Myfriendis410 pointed out if these are autos you may want to get some more experience before getting to aggressive with autos

It’s the purple bundle from ilgm are they auto?



Hmm 11/ 17 , you’re probably nearing the tail end of when you should top

The purple mixed pack listed appears to be photos. If they are autos it should have designation on packaging. In the picture below, the FP designates feminized photos, the FA designates feminized autos.

BTW the package on the left is Purple Kush photos.