FIM gone right?

This is just my second time for attempting a FIM. Is this the desired result from you folks that have successfully done it? Might be kind of hard to see, but looks like 4 new tops to me. I fimmed it 5 days ago.


I am planning on trying out the FIM with one of my plants this grow. I am watching this thread to learn about it.
All you did was top the new apical growth halfway down, correct? Its not an official topping by the stems but just by the leaves themselves i am gaining…

About 75% down the new little top. It started out looking like this when I did it.

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Okay, i see. Really close to the bottom of the new growth but leave some for the new growth just above where they meet the stems… thank you! Ive always just topped my plants for 2 new apical buds so i am familiar with topping. FIMing is just like it says, miss the stems and cut above them. I can’t wait to see what yours will do… it seems like you did it correctly.

I like the concept. I’m hoping I get 4 nice tops. I’m going to flip to flower in a week in case it does double in height.

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How long have they been veging?
Yep, 4 nice tops is better than 2. Its better than topping twice because those dont grow as big as when FIMing. This is why i want to start topping this way. Its superior over plain straight topping.

Been vegging 5 weeks. It’s 19” today. I figure it will be between 22 and 24” a week from now.

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