Question about posts deleted for saying they had personal information

Recently saw a couple posts on here yesterday said they had some hlg 550r specs for sale didn’t see any personal information in it just the price and that they had lights for sale then you canceled the thread because you said no sharing personal information but yet there are others on here that you let cell seeds and 3D printed parts via an account on another website why are you so quick to cancel some and not others just wondering


The poster wasn’t selling a small amount of product. He wanted $11k for 24 lights. We aren’t going to subject the members to possibly getting scammed. We are working on a classified section, but it’s not ready yet.


He also said he had single lights for $500 so if they’ve been used for one grow that’s a deal


Thanks for the input


Here’s one for you: if you had read the Forum Policy then this would be a moot point.


I have never allowed anyone to sell anything on the forum. I think you are maybe confused in the ability of some to be resourceful and track other members down elsewhere to obtain products and/or services from them. That isn’t listing items for sale on the forum.

Is not to say that I have personally reviewed every post here and haven’t missed some. But a lot of members here use same handle on other platforms too. There is no way can control what happens on them.


I have read that and how does that have anything to do with the question I asked

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I never said anything was sold via the website I just said it seems that others are allowed to pass the information along which is personal information on how to contact them via another forum

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Shouldn’t be any personal information posted. If you see it and concerned go ahead and flag it.


Not concerned just a questions thanks for the help


No problem. I cannot demand you flag it, but like I said it’s pretty much impossible to review every post. And I cannot speak for anyone other than myself, but we all have a pretty good handle on expectations. Items for sale aren’t allowed at this point, but we are working on potential solution. Personal contact information isn’t allowed and won’t likely be that I know of. If someone were to ask where to get a specific item, it’s difficult to police as long as neither above takes place. By that logic, if you asked me where I got my clip on fan I couldn’t say Walmart.

Now if someone were to post a link that contained or directed member to their personal contact info would be deemed unacceptable.


Now. Let’s say some members have the same name on another platform. Which also isn’t exactly personal either. Simply knowing their name and typing it into another platform can’t possibly be considered a violation. Especially since no one is directly linking anything nor actually giving solid directions. There is still some left up to the imagination. And it still protects the anonymity of the server.

I personally don’t have any issues with it I was just wondering why some were tagged and some were not and then just you know when you ask a question you kind of get spanked with one of those you should have read this which I did ,just had a question :question: @Budz

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For the purposes of this communication the following definitions shall apply. You will be considered to be not me but you and they or them will refer to somebody else… If you have read all the rules and regulations, which you have and have agreed to or else they or them would not have allowed you to be here.
Now. As you have read and agreed to and it probably PLAINLY states in paragraph 2 section b of subsection ii-21 the party of the 2nd or 3rd part shall never question any of the first parties of the first part. Rule 1 states that the party of the first part is never wrong and rule 2 states that if any other parties ever thinks or asserts that the first parties of any parts are in error then immediately refer to rule 1.


It’s all covered in the tos.

As I stated before yes I have read this

I think Futurama just about explains bureaucracy better than any professor could. This is just another example.

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I don’t know: looks pretty clear cut to me.

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Something like 40,000 posts to go through makes it tough to catch everything. We do rely on other members to help us police the forum. There are a number of policy points that make sense from the other side but kinda tough to explain the reasoning behind every one of them.

As @dbrn32 stated; we have been pushing to have active members gain access to a ‘buy and sell’ page but still in the works.

Also; we deal with folks joining, posting their website to the newest miracle seed or drug or grow media or whatever and have to remove weekly if not daily. This is the world we live in.


Some may not care about my opinion, but if you want to allow used equipment to be sold, then let it be. Despite the fact that this member is offering several lights; The discounted price could help members.

You cannot have it both ways. Members in need should be able to pawn off equipment in order to make ends meet, and on the other side…Members with a bunch of stuff should be allowed to sell discounted used products to members.

Please do not overthink or over moderate your idea, or it will fail. If you want classifieds. Allow all to buy and sell in classifieds, and back off. Who are we, you, me,. or you to decide who is in need?

As long as no one gets ripped off; Or until someone gets ripped, there is nothing to moderate or judge. Trial and error is the key to a new expeiment, and I hope it works since I tried to get Len and Roy to approve this years ago. Let it happen if you want it to happen.

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