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Can you private message to other members on this forum? If so could you tell me how? Thanks so much. Terry

There is no Private messaging.
Sharing personal info is not allowed and thats why it does not exist. Would be impossible to monitor.


Thanks @Spiney_norman

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If you’re on instagram, it is fairly easy to find several other members there by searching their username that they use here.


Why would private messages need monitoring?

The forum wants to stay clean from people trading or selling seeds and such. Private messaging would or could foster what could be illegal activity from law enforcements standpoint. If PMs were allowed the only way to make sure I’m not asking others to ship me samples of their grow would be to watch all the private messages.
I know it takes place on all other social media platforms. But I know this forum is trying to stay squeaky clean. It used to have PM in the past. So you can probably thank those who abused it for it being gone.

Here is an old thread with some moderator comments about it. Have to scroll down some to find them.

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Oh pashaw…
We would never engage in questionable shinanagins on the other platforms lol


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
I would like to trade with others too. I am a member on another site that trades chainsaw info. People get ripped off almost daily by others. Can you imagine what could happen if it was a far more popular item like weed?


A little chainsaw massacre :wink:


Just protecting us from ourselves. Over half of the USA is covert.

I have gotten too comfortable a few times and forget that some information is to revealing,. Those rules protect us covert/illegals from ourselves.


Truth ^^^ im on IG same name… not hard to find. I dont post much, i just use it for the PMs


Posted pork price earlier, had to remove, had store location. Too close for comfort.


@Spiney_norman , Nice old saw, is that yours? I have a few saws. I would love to find a chain brake for my old 056. It was removed by the tree faller my dad got the saw from. I inherited it from him… it’s kinda scary to run. But it’s my only big dog for big wood.

Help! I have a problem with my order, and all the ‘contact’ buttons loop around to this chat. I have a problem with the Super Lemon Haze seeds I bought. They have proven to all share a defect that renders them useless- uniform reveg acriss six plants at two sites, while adjacent plants exhibit no incidence of this. Need help, ILGM

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First welcome back, second, forum has no ties to the business operations.

Contact customer support, realize that there times differences and the weekend to think about for a reply to your issue.

Customer is normally top notch, hope they get you hooked up.

Thank you. If forum has no ties to business operations, why do buttons for customer service from the business redirect to this forum? Is there really no email address to which I can direct a query? I ordered super lemon haze seeds last fall. We used these at two locations for our outdoor grow this year. The seeds uniformly produce an unwanted predisposition to re-veg- they get going, and then start throwing three lobe and single lobe leaves- basicslly theyre trash plants and bad genetics. I know it wasnt light pollution that did this, because the Durbans that are growing alongside them at two outdoor locations dont have this problem. As a result we are losing half our harvest. IGLM: purge your super lemon haze feminized stock- its bad. A replacement order of heat and humidity resistant STABLE sativa seeds would be appreciated. The Super Lemon Haze seeds I ordered here in’21 (found in ‘Juice Mix’) did great- but this batch is trash. Help us, O IGLM!

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