Question about lighting for veg and flowering of plants

From a fellow grower: in the strain profiles listed on your site there are flowering times given in weeks; does this number of weeks start counting from when lights are flipped to 12/12, or is the weeks number referring to AFTER the two weeks(most typically) of stretch/transition?
Essentially I am trying to figure out if the weeks of flowering time is counted at the 12/12 flip forward, or if one would wait a few weeks and then start that week count?


I find that starting the count after stretch / transition will get you closer to breeder timelines.

That said, don’t worry about quoted flower times from breeders. Focus on the plant. She will be done when she’s done. When most pistils are brown you can begin checking trichomes under magnification.


I like to start day 1 once I see the plant actually started to flower. That usually happens 7 to 10 days after flipping to 12/12 light schedule. Good luck


This is the number you want.


I’m with everyone else. My plants align more with breeder times if I start counting after the transition period.

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