Question about lighting for veg and flowering

From a fellow grower: in the strain profiles listed on your site there are flowering times given in weeks; does this number of weeks start counting from when lights are flipped to 12/12, or is the weeks number referring to AFTER the two weeks(most typically) of stretch/transition?
Essentially I am trying to figure out if the weeks of flowering time is counted at the 12/12 flip forward, or if one would wait a few weeks and then start that week count?

I start counting from the switch to 12s but I make notes about almost everything and I’ve noticed that the seed banks number of weeks are closer to the weeks starting at the first flower which is normally 2-3 weeks different from the switch


Many growers will start counting when pistils first appear. The guidelines put up by the seed vendors are just that. A guideline. Your results can vary by a week or 2.


Oh Carp…really?

Why did it seem like that would obviously be true as soon as i heard it?


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Same here

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