Flowering time frame

So I was reading that it takes 1 to 3 weeks of flowering transition so when it goes into flowering does the first week count as week one after the third week of transition or is it from the beginning of the first week of transition
So for example transition week 1,2,3. And then week of flower1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 or is it transition weeks 1,2,3 flower 4,5,6,7,8???

The first day of flower is when they begin showing pistols. It’s usually about a week after the light switch to 12/12

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But in theory wouldn’t the plant be already showing pistols when it’s not even in flowering … Because it shows pistols. And still in veggy. ???

First 2 weeks in flower is called transition. You start counting after that.

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Many clocks people count (from sprout, from flip, from pistols etc.). For me I base it on my nutrient schedule.

For example, mine recommends treating them as in ‘veg’ once they have their second set of true leaves, then you can start with nutrient regimens, re-potting, etc.

Put this on your other post.
Veg can be as long as you want. so when you change the light cycle (for photos) that is another ‘milestone’ to track. but after the flip it takes different amounts of time for pre-flowers to pop. Once they do, that is another 'milestone"

My pistils just popped a few days ago, about a week after the flip. That date gives me a better idea of when they will be close, but I still use my nutrient schedule (week number ‘x’) based on when I flipped.

Hope that helps.

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In the end, you’ll be harvesting based on what the plant tells you, not on a schedule, so keep it simple.

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Awsome. Y’all have been alot of help clearing that question up