Question about curing

I know I have to hang them a week or two till the stems crack. I have desiccant packs paper bags and mason jars. What’s the best way to cure?I don’t care about how long I just want the best taste.


Put it in Mason jar for a couple weeks and burp for 10-15 minute twice a day for two weeks then once a week


I do the same as @HornHead. I make sure the jars have plenty of room to roll the buds. I try to get the bottom buds to the top that way the buds get equal exposure to oxygen.


Just be careful if it’s too moist when in the jars. Feel the buds in the jar after you put them in. If really moist take them out. Mold takes over fast. I converted to drying/curing in a paper bag. It allows for the slow evaporation of water and I’ve never gotten mold even with me putting all of my sugar leaves it green.

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@WickedAle thanks thats the way I’m gonna go. Have u ever used dessicant packs? Or would that dry them too fast?

I do not. Others have said they affect the flavor.

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Also, with the bags, you will have the tendency to want to open and smell. Keep closed and give it time.

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Ive used paper bags. Only when I pulled the buds from the drying tent too soon and they were too wet to jar. They dry the buds really quickly. So within a day they went from too wet to jar, to almost too dry.


Paper bags are for the drying phase and not really good for curing. Unless as @Drinkslinger pointed out you have too high a moisture content. You can also pick up a couple of inexpensive hygrometers and put them in a couple of jars for monitoring.

A longer drying time greatly influences the aroma; longer is better (up to a point).