Paper bags, do y'all use them?

Have any of y’all put your buds in paper bags prior to putting them in jars to cure?
I was thinking of putting them in paper bags after I hung dried em for about a day. Then I would put them in glass jars once they were dried out.
I’m asking cuz I’m limited in space on where I can hang them, especially for a certain amount if time.


Yup. They’ll dry in there, then cure.


Yes ma’am, it’s done the same as using a rubbermaid tub. Just have to check on em a couple times a day and turn the bags gently after a couple days you can go to once per day couple more you probably won’t have to open the bags anymore but still turn the bags a little moisture can get trapped between the buds and we all know what that will end in (mold) this is a really good way to slow the drying time when you are in a dry climate like San daygo


Paper bags are great but Id wait a little more than a day of hanging. Maybe 3 or 4 days till the outsides are dryish. But before the stems snap. But Im in a little more of a humid area than SD ( i used to live there, LOVE that city). I used a hole punch all over the bags to allow some airflow but not too much. and open em and shake em a few times a day. Consider getting some of those really small digital temp/humidity gauges and putting them in the jars when you start the cure. They are like 4 for $15 on amazon. Worth every cent. Happy harvesting!