Question about a light

Hello I am just starting out in either a 3x3 or 39x39 tent. I have a spider farmer se5000 coming. Would that be too much for one of those tents? Am I better off with an se 3000? Thanks


If it will fit in the tent go for it. Less power used less money on electric more time for the lights life as it’s not ran as hard to hit the daily dli


Thanks for the response. Been going crazy the past week looking and reading about lights and other things . Originally had the 3000 coming, than cancelled that and ordered the 5000. I just want to succeed in growing the nicest buds possible, but not sure if I’m overthinking it.

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I really like the new spider farmer lights, I haven’t had the pleasure of trying one out though. I agree with Mark as long as it will physically fit it will be a great light for you

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Agree with previous responders. Power wise I don’t see a problem. Actually, I like your thinking. I have a 3x3 and run 450w. Many around here do even more. Turn it down when you don’t need that many horses.
The light is 34x35 so it is definitely a tight fit in a 3x3. 39" will be easier to work with.