Qb question for 4x4x80 tent

Hey @dbrn32 or anyone else that maybe able to help… i am still in my first grow but the more I am reading and seeing I am thinking about making the switch to a qb light for my second grow.

My question is how many watts of an does a guy need in that size tent? I dont have alot of money to use but I have found this one

I mean for the price it looks like ot would be worth it but not sure sense it is coming from China. What do you think about?

I really have no clue when it comes to LEDs and things like this…

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How much is it?

@Jbum between $238 and $288 shipping is what hurts but that is any where from 65 to 100. So let’s say high side for both would be like 380 bucks for it

Check out HLG even amazon has some QB boards. You could build a nice one for that kinda money.

4x4x8 is a pretty big tent for any one single light, depending on how big your light is. If you plan on spreading your plants out from one side to the other, which I assume you do with a tent that size then the average LED in that price range isn’t big enough to create an effective footprint.
What does the product specs list as the physical measurements of the light?

For a 4x4 tent, you should get a pair of Horticulture Lighting Group 260W QB V2 kits. They are on sale right now for $330. This is the company that makes all the good stuff that all those Chinese importers are copying.

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It’s running lm301b which depending on the bin isn’t a bad thing. The one problem you may have is the driver. It’s states a hlg 480 not a mean well hlg 480 so they could get you there.

I got a few China boards 2-3 years ago and ended up buying new meanwell drivers for them to run cooler

On a 4x4 tent I am getting 36 true watts per square feet. I have 2 kits of the HLG 260xl rspec. Glad I upgraded as my plants are not struggling for light.

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I don’t like the constant voltage drivers, but that light is knock of of hlg-550. Which is designed for a 4x4 space.