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2x24 tent one plant what kind of lights can I get away with?

a 2x2x4? What’s your budget for a light? Most folks on this site are going to steer you towards quantum boards. I just built and installed a QB324 and driver for about $140 for my 2x2x4 veg tent.

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Qb 135 kit is solid option. That’s not getting away with, that’s putting photons down. You can go cheaper but will be a lower performance.

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Im changing to that board soon, I have one of them cheap 1200w china made 2 inch thick leds with all the fans inside. When I switch will I see a energy use decrease?

I am a not new to the indoor grow so forgive my ignorance but if you look up the qb135 kit there are crazy options !! How do you figure out what you need for your space?

What options? I think growerslights offers assembly, that should be self explanatory. If you get to choose between v1 and v2 board, the v2 board is the superior model. And cct for seed to harvest growing you’ll want 3000k or 3500k.

Ok I see now so one 3500k is good for about 4x4 space correct? I am using HID so this is new bit I want to have less heat and lower energy consumption if possible :stuck_out_tongue:

No, a single 135 kit would be good for a 2x2 space. For a 4x4 I would look at doing two xl 260 kits or equivalent.

Ok what exactly is a 135 kit?

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Ok I looked it up , led kit thanks

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The QB304 I have is on HLG-120H-C1050 driver, which is runs the board at about 115w according to its spec. Add on the driver requirement and I am guessing about 130w total.

I have a 1500 blurple that pulls 260w. So it will definitely run less power wise on the monthly bill. I don’t have any ppfd data for my blurple so I can’t calculate the lighting difference. I am guessing that the blurple is probably stronger, but not by that much, not from a watt to watt perspective.

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Ok If I get a qb 135 how close to the plants should it be?

Where did you purchase that light

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There are a few different websites you can order them from, but I bought my first QB - the 2-QB288 V2 kit - directly from the Horticulture Lighting Group website for $310 including shipping. The kit comes with the driver, power cord, connectors, and wire. There’s a youtube video and some build detail on the site. It is very simple. The 135W V2QB kits run $188 on their website, plus shipping. So probably around $200.

Alternatively, you can purchase the driver, connectors, and wire yourself from somewhere like Amazon, and buy the board and heatsink from HLG. You can save a little. I did this recently with the QB304 and heatsink deal (QB304 is a V1, little less efficient than the 288V2, but suits purpose). I probably saved ~$20 this way. I have 4 QB120s on the way, and a driver, and look forward to building that in a week or two.

Distance from lights is a user preference, but 12-18 inches is fine - further in vegetation and closer in flowering.