Putting in good ec/ pH gettingout low numbers

5…6 weeks in…Bruce auto. Started with good ec/pH and continued with good numbers goin in. The numbers are always low coming out. Don’t want to over fertigate.


She’s consuming the nutrients, depending on the growth stage adjust your nutrients to your run off numbers and feed or water depending on those numbers :love_you_gesture:

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Thanks, I’ll bump up the numbers going in. Plant still looks great color wise and growth wise.

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Need an example of what you got going. Sounds like your feeding in at say 8-900 ppm and having something akin to 600 coming out? What exactly are ypur numbers, if you can provide a long view of runoff data.

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I’ve stayed between 5.8 to 6.8 pH going in. My EC has progressed from .4 to now shooting for 1.15. The pH numbers coming out have fluctuated from normal to7.3 and EC was on the low side then started picking up. Like 1.13 going in and .92 coming out. Kept the ingoing numbers consistent but this morning in was 6.8/1.15 and out was 7.0/.48. Guess I should add “same as” but increase frequency of applications.???

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I was also giving pH’d water very other feeding. Trying not to over nut.

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Update: fed again today. pH in/6.2 EC in/1.14…pH out/7.1 EC out/.42. Plant still looks good. Just before flower.

Dropped volume amount when feeding…deceased time between feeding. @Docnraq @OGIncognito Same in today pH 6.1 EC 1.15. Out was 7.1/.39. WTF GH Trio + CalMag in Coco coir & perlite. Was all good at setup. Buffered twice. But plant looks good. Trying to post photo. Getting old and in the usetocould stage. I ustacud do that stuff. Now trying to remember how.

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Im no good with coco but there are quite a few here who are. Tryen to think who… @Nicky i think is in coco, @MidwestGuy is pretty knowledgeable about everything might be able to help @Myfriendis410 as well as @PurpNGold74. Lastly my goto when im stuck is @Covertgrower if they cant help, they will know who can.


First; coco needs to be watered daily.

Second; periodic flushing to remove salts sequestered by the medium.

Third; if not using something like Jack’s need to add cal mag.

EC should be around 2.0 going in. This will also help buffer the medium with the higher concentration of nutes.

Thank you sir @Myfriendis410
Have been using GH Trio + CalMag with every feeling. I’ve kept the EC in a range of 1.0- 1.6. I will bump it up to 2. Still looks good. Dropped Viparspectra PAR 450 to 15" yesterday. Lovin it so far. I’d post photos but haven’t quite figured that out yet.

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@Myfriendis410 …I fed with 6.1 pH and bumped up the EC to 2.1…my out was 7.0 and .68…I’ll continue like this. The EC is coming up slowly.
On a different note, can you tell me how to post photos to the forum from my Samsung 21S? I was told to hit the photo button and wait. Do I need to load the photos somewhere for this to work?

I have an S20 and am signed in through Google. The forum post shows a ‘landscape’ icon that when you click gives you access to either camera or gallery. Select and wait until it uploads 100% and shows the link in your post. Once you hit ‘Reply’ it will show up as a photo.