Purple stems what's wrong

These are my baby’s I’m growing for my scrog their 3 weeks haven’t given them any nutrients due to using soil from last grow figured soil still had some left from last use so holding off light watering just been using sprayer 20" of snow can’t take outside will start using bathtub been using ph water since germination…need your help guy’s what’s wrong with them

Your plant is either having nitrogen or phosphorus deficiency. Both nitrogen, and phosphorus deficiency can cause your plant to have purple stems

So this due to lack of nutrients I will feed sun halftime will be using technaflora recipe for success from last grow going to try advanced nutrients ph perfect this grow… thks for quick response

Sweet yea once you get her a little phosphorus and nitrogen it should help here if you probably do 1/4 tsp per gallon does that sound right to you

Do you have any other signs of deficiency? I ask because some plants will have purple stems due to genetics.

Not sure just gonna follow chart @ 1/2 strength

You can also get purple stems from a cal-mag deficiency. Since they are so dark green, it probably is not a nitrogen deficiency.


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Ok will feed tonight and monitor next couple of days

Thanks buddy

You have a good point there too

Team effort my friend :smile: we got your back lol

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I’m leaning towards a phosphorous and or magnesium deficiency by the look of the leaves. If you’ve reused the soil, this makes sense because cannabis does use a lot of phosphorous. Dark green with a almost blue hue and lower leaves being consumed, turning brown, by the plant are both signs of phosphorous deficiencies.


So safe to say we are leaning on the same side with phosphorus, and thanks again MacG and @JTheH

So will the feeding get them back on track

It should, maybe a little something with mostly phosphate in it. Or you could flush with a balanced nutrient to get everything in the soil mostly back to balanced.


Correction phosphorus lol

Same thing, phosphate is a form of phosphorous, just like nitrate is a form of nitrogen, if that was what you were referring to.

Either way, ya, you wan’t something that has mostly the phosphorous in a readily available form for the plant.


Ok thks will do and keep u posted thks again