Purple stems

i have 4 plants in foxfarm soil under a 400w led dormgrow light. the plants are 12 to 14" and look very healthy except they all have purple stems. i got these plants as clones in rockwool. when i put them in soil i got things pretty wet because roots were just showing thru the rockwool. any ideas on geting rid of the purple would be greatly appreciated

The purple is a natural coloration, so don’t worry too much as you wont get rid of it. I usually find that this occurs on all my plants at some point in their grow, usually on the leaf stalks, and it’ll stay there as it’s just a part of the overall plant growth, you’re also using LED and this can also lead to thinking you have discolouration if you’re using red and blue. I’d go with; if they’re looking healthy then they most likely are.

hey bhang buddie, thanks for the info

Some strains will show purple or reddish color in the stems, however since you also mention things got pretty wet, this is likely a magnesium deficiency from “over watering”. Get some Epsom salts and mix about a 1-2 tsp.(5-10 ml) with a gallon of r/o or mountain spring water to get some calcium as well(calcium deficiency may also cause this problem), then after well mixed, use this mixture to spay on the underside of your plants leaves while letting the soil dry out. Continue your watering schedule as usual being sure your soil is not staying too wet. You can also add readily available calcium/magnesium nutrients to your regular fertilizer mix. And continue spaying the undersides of your leaves until the color returns to the normal expected green.

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thanks macgyver, i triied spraying before but i did it on top of the leaves so ill try underneath and maybe a weak dose of cal-mag

Yeah, it’ll be absorbed better on the underside of the leaves but it will get some through the top of the leaves as well.