Pruning of leaves? a bunch at a time then leave alone or a bit every day or two

I wanted to get some opinions on this from people who have grown a bunch. what style do you use? i have seen people say they have done a bunch at once in which they know they will stun the plant and have it take a day or two to recuperate. i have been taking a couple leaves here and a couple leaves there trying to avoid the stun. What have you guys who have grown a bunch seen or used and results?

Hey monkman. I prune a little along the way and a couple of good sessions under my SCROG before I flip to flower. Honestly I get tired of pruning all at once so like to spread it out a bit just so it is less tedious. I do think it is a bit easier on the plants IMHO.

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There are different schools of thought.

  1. Cutting stresses the plant and could cause hermie, so slowly cutting is preferred.

  2. Cutting a lot shocks the plants protective mechanisms to flower more aggressively. Search schwazzing

I have done both. Cutting a lot does concentrate the budding to a few strong branches and cause heavy dense buds.

While only topping and clearing bud sites produces a lot of tops/bud sites at equal heights.

Both yielded about the same dictated by the strain, the wattage and efficiency of the lights.


Thanks @WickedAle, man we can always count on you to provide good Info. Thanks


Schwazzing works great. I did it to a wwa last year and pulled a lb off it. Journal is here I grow again


Tuck before cut.

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