Any tips on prunning flowers for a first timer

I’m a newbie, and have been reading some of the post about pruning the flowers, it has been very informative and thanks to all y’all for the info. I still am a little unsure on how soon and how much to prune away from the flowers… I just don’t want to hurt my babies :stuck_out_tongue: … so any tips or links or videos or any advice would be greatly appreciated.
a little back ground: strain is unknown, 4 medium sized plants, they were planted in the ground back in April (way too early) the ones that survived are healthy and happy and I am proud to say that they are starting to flower.

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I personaly don’t prune any leafs off the plant unless they are more than half dead. while they are still in Veg I’ll prune off the lower leafs to make it easier to water but that’s about all I ever prune off. Sometimes I’ll take off lower chutes that won’t get much light but for the most part I let them dontjere thing.
I wouldn’t prune any bids if they are still fowering. If they get shocked too much they could turn hermie ruining your awesome crop.
Others do prune quite a bit successfully I just have not seen the need for it. Those who do scrog grows will prune everything that is under the screen to make there pots more accessible.


Hay thankx :smile: I didn’t want to throw the girls into shock, i’m going to heed your advice, I did prune when they were smaller, more so to remove yellow or burnt ruffage and once to shape and get limbs off the ground. thanx again

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No problem :+1:
When they get further into flowering its common for lower leafs to die off due its slow down of nitrogen uptake. You’ll notice some of the leafs will start to fall off when you barely touch them.



It’s ok as long as you don’t over do it.
Start at the bottom and trin about 6 to 8 inches off.all the energy that the plant would have put intto what you cut will now go to the top where you want it ro go. NEVER CUT FAN LEAFS OFF…Ok

Will joint

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@garrigan62 Why not cut the fan leaves off? I did some cleanup in veg removing fan leaves that were blocking light from reaching lower areas on the plant. And in flowering I did what is called defoliating and removed all the fan leaves and this is the biggest my buds have been in the 3 grows ive done so far.


those look very happy :smile:

this is the best pic I could get

all the ladies look healthy

it has been a bit since my last post and I wanted to give an update. the ladies are looking nice, but don’t take my word for it…

and I know “You butchered them” I had too because of the pot-head rabbits in my yard, they were chewing on the ladies and then got the munchies and went after my tomatoes and water melon

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