Pruning and trimming

So I have 3 plants that are pretty bushy. My last grow I had switched over already to flowering but due to some issues with other plants I have delayed switching over to flower. Because of this my other plants are getting very big and bushy and I know light will be hard to penetrate into the middle of the plants.

Looking for opinion s on weather I should trim off some leafs or just leave them. I was going to try and do a little LST to bend some of the branches to the side to allow more light penetration but I don’t think I’ll be able to bend enough of them to make that much of a difference. Am I safe to trim off the huge fan leafs and leave the smaller leaves?

Any opinions are welcomed.

If you do dont take much and do little at a time start from the bottom and work your way up. Remember little bits at a time she will take it greatly to much will stress her out


I recommend leaving anything that is not causing any issues.

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when they stretch they wont look so bushy.

I agree. Typically I don’t like to take any foliage off unless it has completely yellowed but because these particular plants have been in Veg so long they are bushier than what I am usually working with at the time of switching to flowering. I took off some lower leafs that were yellowing yesterday and tied down a couple branches to help get the light penetrating deeper but it really didn’t seem to help due to all of the foliage.

I may try and trim a few here and there. A lot of the leafs are from the chutes coming off from the main stalk. The nodes on the off chutes are tight together which is creating a dense canopy.

Anyway I’ll let them be and only take off yellowing leafs and maybe a few here and there.

Thank you for your suggestion.

I agree Dumme.
Typically I’ll leave everything unless they have yellowed completely but this particular grow I have been in Veg much longer than normal so there is a lot more foliage than I am used to.
I’ll give that article a read (I think I have already read it at one point but never hurts to brush up on a topic)

Thank you for your suggestion and the link to the article.

I actually hope they don’t stretch to much or I’ll be out of room. lol. These plant seeds have been in Veg 3 1/2 weeks longer than I wanted to so they have gotten huge. I’m going to try and do a little LST to help combat the stretch prior to switching over to hopefully help it out.

Thank you for your info it is much appreciated

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Tomato cages, LST/Supper cropping might be the way to go. I wouldn’t remove anything until you cage, and train. Maybe you wont have to remove anything.