Need advice on trimming

I’m 3 weeks into flowering and want to do one last trim. Would this be ok?


Trimming won’t hurt you. Some people even harvest in stages which involves cutting off sections during the most important time of bud formation.

I would only take off any large fan leaves blocking light to large bud sites


Here a link that will help you understand pruning of you plants

Depending on what your trying to achieve there are a few good techniques that you can use

If your looking to increase air flow removing some of the smaller under growth will help thin out your canopy but dont be too aggressive removing to much can reduce your yield
Happy growing :v: :cowboy_hat_face:CB


All I wanted was better light penetration they look great now. I been at this a while and I love this freaking app you guys rock. Got alot of good advice here and I can never thank y’all enough.

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They look great! Nice job :muscle::v::bear:

They look naked now… :frowning::cry::zipper_mouth_face:
I will be doing an experiment pretty soon with defoliation and will post back once I see a difference… :wink:


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I wanna know how much is too much. Also I’m in 7 gallon grow bags they each get a gallon every other day and my soil isn’t drying am I overwatering?

I don’t really see any reason to prune them @Clittle25
When you water you should water till it runs out of bottom of pot and don’t water again until it dry
And seven gallon pots may stay moist for up to a week
I’d say your prob over watering if the soil isn’t drying
Which can cause root rot ?
As far as pruning I wouldn’t take anything off her at this point