Pruning Guidance

A few weeks into flowering. I didn’t prune until I switched to flowering and then trimmed up a lot. Just wanted to make sure this looks good and properly trimmed.

I don’t see obvious pruning; I’m going to guess there’s confusion about the definition of pruning, and instead you mean that you defoliated.

Pruning is trimming limbs to shape the structure of the plant, and the occasional removal of flowering sites. Defoliation is the removal of leaves, generally fan leaves as far as we’re concerned.

Having made that clarification, perhaps you could explain what you’re trying to accomplish here, and that way we can comment on whether you’re heading towards or away from those goals.


Oh then I defoliated! I had posted before about my plants filling up my grow room, and I was advised to clean up under my net.

I had assumed that meant removing the lower growth so that the canopy bud sites got all the plant energy.

I guess my goal is to just maximize yield and keep the plants healthy. This is technically my third grow but I messed up grow 1 with a crappy blurple and 2 with over watering. So still just learning each phase. This is the furthest I’ve grown a plant that is healthy.


I also read that when moving to flower, you want to cut out all the lower leaves and bud sites, so that was also part of what I was trying to do.

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