Is there more i need 2do? Defoliation

Hey Every1, plants r doin well, but i need some advice on defoliation. Is there more I can do to make more space for air n stuff? I appreciate all advice :v:t6::sunglasses::triumph:


Opinions at this point will vary. I tend to let them go at this point because when they start to flower they will stretch out and change the whole structure. Then about 3 weeks after flowering starts then you can decide what needs to be done.
I suggest not getting water on the leaves. The whole point of defoliation is avoiding mold from wet spots and by splashing water on the leaves you are causing the very condition you are hoping to avoid. I use a clean new transmission funnel from Walmart and a 3/4 pvc pipe extension to aim my water right into the soil and avoid getting water on the leaves. I am old and have arthritis in my back so it makes it easier.
This is it here…


Yea it looks fine to me, but everyone has their own preference on it.

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Ok word, i appreciate ur feedback. Stay well​:v:t6::sunglasses: