Should I defoliate (again) ? Video inside

Hey what’s up guys! I am starting my 3rd week of flower and my girls grow like crazy. I gave them a massive defoliation 4 days ago and I could really observe the lower cola gaining height as they finally had some light. But this thing just grew back to about the same coverage. Here’s a video I just shot of it:

So I wonder if I should daily cut the bigger leaves that puts out a shadow on the lower stem, or let them be and let the bigger cola get even bigger? Any opinion and advice is welcome.


I prefer to tuck @MattyBear likes to defoliate some.


Indoors I always do some pruning or defoliating because our lights don’t rotate around our plants like the sun does outdoors. I usually take any large leaf that won’t stay tucked and is blocking another bud site or restricting airflow. I’ll do a heavy pruning at week 3 of flower and then keep pruning leaves after that that meet the above criteria’s of blocking or restricting :v::bear:


I let my plants go wild and I mean wild. My grow tent is like a jungle. As the bottom doesn’t produce good buds…I only care about the top 1/3rd of the plant.