Ppfd and dli let me know what you keep yours at during flower

Im in flower and my ppfd ranges on all my plants from 250 to 500 and my dli 25 to 40 in 18hr period its differnt because not all of my plants are the same height. But i just wanna make sure this is good. I have some foxtailing. I have had it for a while nothing too serious just a little bit but I’m also growing 3 Alaskan purple and 2 purple haze I was told them purples like the foxtail genetically . Please let me know what you guys run your PPFD and DLI at Like I said my lights are set at 18 6 cause I’m growing autos

800 to 1000 PPFD
40 to 50 DLI
give or take.
Both are low, imo.
can you gey their canapy more even? Tie down the taller ones? or put something under the shorter ones? then test your numbers. You have it on 18 right?


@beachglass yes i can tie down a few of the branhces to even it out a little more. And yes i have it set to 18 hrs

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I’m floating around 50/55 DLI/ppfd 1000/1100. Growing photos 12/12

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