Potting soil and fertilizer?

I have the fertilizer kit on its way! What is the best soil to get to add the fertilizer to that I can get from local stores?? Thank you!!

A lot of people here use foxfarm .
If you search the word foxfarm you will see lots of people talking about it

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Depends on your options definitely nothing miracle grow a lot of us use fox farms if that’s available use that it’s pretty good stuff, tons of soilless mediums available pretty much every where as well that you can treat just like a soil depending on the fertilizer


Big box stores may not have fox farm soils, but you might be amazed how many places in your area carry it. Go to fox farms web site and use the dealer locator.

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You can save money and buy a big bag of peat and perlite and compost from big boxes or nurseries and mix yourself and then add your own nutrients and you will know what is exactly in the pot rather than buying FF or other expensive brands. The best thing I like about FF is the bat guano, which I believe is the one of the best natural fertilizers in nature.


I agree with hareesa I ran 1/3 peat moss 1/3 compost 2/9 perlite 1/9 vermiculite and it’s about 1/3 as expensive as fox farm I posted my dry amendment feed schedule over Here if you’re curious


I really need to get the best but reasonable! I am very new to this… I don’t even know what all that stuff is and where can I get it?!?

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If you have a local hydroponic store they might have fox farms or at least some cheaper coco coir otherwise everything in my mix can be bought at a local hardware/ gardening store (menards is where I got most of my stuff)

You’ll be surprised. I Googled ‘grow stores near me’, and just about shat myself. They’re everywhere, and are very helpful.

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I’m an organic super soil guy so that’s my personal preference, if you’re looking for a good water only soil I love this stuff ! Great Lakes water only soil by the Detroit nutrient company . I live in Detroit but I’m told it’s sold all over the country . I only use distilled water , stump tea and molasses. I’ve had great results and great yields . Ive never had any deficiencies or lock outs . Grown outside and moved to my grow tent a few weeks ago . Chopping this weekend , I’m estimating about 2 lbs dry

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I always recommend going with a trusted local nursery/garden shop if you have one close by. I’m definitely a fan of fox farm products for indoor grows but I get a mixture of loam soil and compost for outdoor. I didnt use it for this year’s grow but here’s a picture of my garden using that mixture this year.