What soil to purchase for Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower?

What soil to purchase for Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower?

I will be growing as I did last year in a closet - last year I grew white widow, this year I am changing it up. I used FoxFarm last year and some of you guys said that’s not the best…so if I were to purchase on Amazon what would you advise?

Seeds arriving in 2 days and so excited to get back into the game.


Best soil i have used is rocket fuel but for the price and performance can’t beat foxfarm happy frog can get it locally for 20 something a bag versus 60 from Amazon for rocket fuel

Thanks Dannie!

I previously got this FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil Mix Indoor Outdoor for Garden and Plants | Plant Fertilizer | 12 Quarts | The Hydroponic City Stake - you would not get that right?

I usually run strawberry fields a little over 1/3 of a 5 gall pot, then 1/3 ocean forest, then Happy frog on top.
I’m trying some autos in Coast of Maine Stoneleigh mix now and they seem to be doing well.
BTW if you go the Fox Farm route, add perlite the the Strawberry Field. Not great on drainage.

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Gotcha! Thanks!

@Lozzie I heard this soil is pretty good. Lowe’s supposedly carries it but unavailable in my are right now. I doubt that price isn’t current though. I found a site that has it for $29 But you’ll pee yourself laughing at there shipping price. $134 :rofl: :rofl


Interesting! Thanks Mad! Nice to see you again this year!

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Coast of Maine Stonington blend was my go to when it grew in soil. Good stuff and not too bad on price. I have yet to beat Canna coco and Jacks 321, which is what I’ve been using for over 2 years now.

You didn’t say how big your pots are, or if you add any nutrients, but I grow autos seed-to-harvest with only tap water in Roots Organics Lush…should be less than $20 a bag if you can find it at a local grow store, etc…fwiw, ymmv.

Last year I had 3 gallons. I got the nutrient mix from this site. I did distilled water only

I like Promix Hp. Good stuff. It doesnt have any kind of nutrients.

I have this Buy Marijuana Fertilizers - Bergman's Plant Food >> ILGM

I do recall last year being confused about when to add the nutrients - you are saying you get this and don’t add any nutrients at all? https://www.amazon.com/Roots-ROL1-5-Potting-Soil/dp/B093LW268M/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1I4KQPPOKCGGD&keywords=Roots+Organics+Lush&qid=1700077262&sprefix=roots+organics+lush%2Caps%2C102&sr=8-2#customerReviews

20 gallon pot, coast of maine stonington blend. All ya go do is water…

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Lots of room, lots of food!

Hmm all the research last year I got 3 gallon pot. You’re saying I need 20 gallon for one plant? And this soil needs no fertilizer?

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Yep. A 20 gallon pot has enough nutes for 120 days. It wont hurt to add a little bloom booster starting week 5 but yes, water only. Or you could do 5 gallon pots, get their veg food and buds n bloom and feed every few weeks and just water… I use Coast of Maine. These will be harvested next week. Well all but 1… cost wise i would go the 5 gal route with the dry amendments. Its still almost water only


Correct, but there is likely better available at less than that price, locally to you.

is a little small and the plants will likely starve some towards the end without adding anything, but you could grow plants that would produce, I have.

You’d be happier with the end result with 5g+ if using only high quality organic soil with autos. This also assumes your water and environment are good.

Technically I’m using less than 5g of soil per plant because I use GrowBucket inserts that take up soil space…I haven’t had an auto produce less than 4oz in a while, and not for lack of trying; but again, ymmv:

Ok so if I use distilled water. Coz I have shite tap water. You’re saying no to 3 gallon pot and use at least 5 but 10 is better and with the soil you say I don’t need to fuss in nutrients? Coz that confused the shit out of me