Potential yields of grow area

I framed my grow based on a 4x8 sheet of plywood, using one inch PVC fittings. It tops out at 7’-9". There are one inch cross fitting at this level on 32" spacing as well as the the 30" AFF level which supports the 1/2" plywood platform, painted white. The platform was cut in half lengthwise to facilitate removal for placing the grow bags on the ground level, should need be,to which the platform will also fit keeping the grow 2 inches AFF. Four Bestva 1kw LED’s and one 8’ T-5 strip at 18" above platform height on either side. I used appliance shipping cardboard to fabricate 8 panels easily detachable, ~36"x50", and covered each with mylar to totally enclose the sides.The grow has its own room ~1,400 cf with an 8" exhaust and a filtered air intake. Total climate control, filtered tap water adjusted to pH, FF Happy Frog in 7 gallon bags (9 in all), FF nutes per ILGM and FF schedules.

I consider this a two sq. meter effective grow area, 40"x80".


No comments, but would love to see some pics :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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3 pounds

I don’t believe those lights are going to be up to the job.

Realistically in a 4 X 8 space you ought to do between 3 and 5 lbs, depending on grow technique and skill. And of course; genetics.


With quality lights, like 2 HLG Scorpion Rspec 600W for a 4x8. Quality genetics, and a even canopy. 2 grams a watt


For sure. I would love to have Gavitas, but $$$

Good lights are expensive, but they pay for themselves over time. I went the diy route and built all of my LED fixtures using Samsung EB strips. The first month I ran them my electricity bill went down $60.

All processes in the plant start with light. If light is inadequate the plant will have loose, airy flower and yields will be poor. You will also have nutrient issues, disease etc due to plants not being as vigorous as they could be. It’s a hard lesson most of us have gone through.

I would look at Horticulture Lighting Group for the (close to) top of the line lighting. The cheap light fixtures are riding on the amazing performance of good LED’s while supplying crap. And it really is crap.


Are Gavitas overrated?

I would go with 4 HLG 260 XL. Love mine! Seems like your going the route that I took. I’m running a 4x8 tray in a room as well.


@Loudman , that is what I’m running and I love my lights . I diy them and they paid for their self’s after the second run. Well worth the money.

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I love mine. Ever since I switched to them I get rock hard nugs.

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The effective footprint is ~40"x80".Will two HLG Scorpion Rspec 600W cover this using SOG as you have? Ready to pull the trigger but wanna be sure. It’s why I ask you guys. BTW, thanks for the feedback.

@relzoe99 , 2 scorpions is well above what is needed for a 4x8 space . This is what I want to upgrade to. If you pull the trigger, dial them down or increase light distance during vegetative stage. If you have the cash very nice buy. If you are going to run multiple cultivars , 4 diy hlg 260 rspec xls would give you better control over your canopy.

So two Scorpions would be optimal?