Potential issues

A question from a fellow grower:

Have been following your articles for quite some time now, have finally taken the leap from soil to dwc grow under 2X 600 Led’s. 5w chips. My one bucket is thriving and doing well, 3 weeks in, the other not so well. Leaves are dark green and stems are purple. I did a one day flush and back onto mild growth feeding schedule, in week 3. I should be on aggressive growth as I am in the auto white widow bucket. Please advise what potential issues I may have. I am not sure if over feeding of nutrients or deficiency.

are they both the same strain? it’s rare when strains like the exact same diets

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Hello there, My name is GARRIGAN62

I believe there is a nutrient problem with your cannabis plant, for example if the plant is also growing slowly or the leaves are discolored, then the plant may have a magnesium deficiency, which occasionally can cause purple stems. If so, the problem is easily fixed with the addition of a bit of extra magnesium in the next watering.

Good sources for adding magnesium include:

Epsom salt (dissolve 1 tablespoon per gallon / 4 ml per liter)
A good cannabis-friendly nutrient system contains just the right amount of magnesium needed by cannabis plants to help avoid nutrient problems

I hope this helps