Worried to much?

I currently have a 20 day old that is growing like its on steriods, anyhow a couple of the stems got a purplish line on them this morning and the bottom leaves have looked like hey had a diffecincy of some sort but it doesn’t appear to be spreading, the bottom leaves have yellowis, brown dots on them, and the newer leaves now appear to be getting a yellow point ever so slightly and some leaves are curling at the edges a bit as well as some others look very relaxed i guess is the best way to describe although overall it is still growing very quickly and appears to be a nice healthy green. Should i be worried about these purple lines as they look like they could possibly be the start of botrytis. but doesn’t seem dry or dying as it appears to be growing very quickly still does this sound like it could be the strain as it was from a mixed bag of seeds?

Are you sure you are not over watering? Purple lines creeping up the stems and then eventually into the veins of the leaves is usually a sign of a magnesium deficiency and or calcium – often as a result of over watering.

Check out these ILGM links for more information.

What are the specifics of your grow?

What is the strain? Probably sativa dominant if it came from a street bag weed that originally came from Mexico or South America. It will be a gamble but it should be at least as good as the weed it came from and you might end up with a nice Haze like type plant.

Indoor or Outdoor?
Size of space?
Soil or Hydro? Medium used?
Type of nutrients used? EC/TDS ppm levels?
Humidity %?
Light system/watts?

indoor came from, cali med bud but not sure what kind it was,

size plant is a foot tall, room is plenty big 8’ by 12’ by 10’ tall

soil ph 6,5
haven’t done a true feed yet using 420 super soil
70degrees f to 60 degrees f average have had it up to 80 when it was younger now it is just over 2 weeks old

huidity was up at 80% now betwwen 50-70%

light 600 w at 75% with nanolux ballast mh 600 watt open system reflector with two t8 sets of 4 for extra side light as it has been growing like crazy.

actually i think i might have overwattered, also it is barley even a mark on the main stem yet will see if i can figure out how to take a picture but there is like 3 spots on main stem each like 3 cm long and the new leaves have slight yellow only on longest leaf and only a touch of it but at first the bottoms had a little discoloration at week one and then browned, also ever so slightly some leaves have curled just very slightly. thanks for your help hope info helps. also it is in a 5 gallon bucket with plenty of not cloged holes 5/8" holes to be exact about 10 on bottom another 10 about 1" up all the way around pot

Yeah, let the soil dry and continue feeding without over watering and use any of the above recommendations in the links to add some magnesium to your plant and it will recover just fine. You could even use CaliMagic or CalMag+. Make sure to keep those temps 78f or below if at all possible. Under HID lights, if you are going to foliar feed, make sure you have a fine mist sprayer and spray the undersides of the big fan leaves. If possible do it 15 minutes or so before the light comes on using the special green light only LED flashlight or what have you, so you can see what you are doing, as not to disrupt the light cycle, so it’ll be absorbed and kinda dry before the lights come on so you don’t get water droplet lens-ing that could burn the leaves. Also with open lights and even without, cold water and hot glass don’t mix, keep that in mind when spraying and be very careful not to get any cold water droplets on hot lights.

thanks and i just bought all my nutrients cal-mag and bone meal bat guano, i have a whole array of stuf do you think cal mag would be best or should i list all the feed and nutrients then let you decide, It is over water though huh I thought so as last water it came out bottom someone told me i wanted to see it come out the holes and i went way overboard as 5 min later tray was full

other than this this is a healthy plant? as this is my first grow and could use all the help i could muster up thanks so much and I’m sure my paitients in the future will give you many thanks as well.

Yeah, actually they look very healthy for the most part. The leaves do look a little overly “swollen” in a couple of the pics, a sign of over watering. The plants look healthy enough even though, and should recover – no problem.

great news thanks man

Plant looks great. From what you said above; it appears you follow most of the temps, humidity, ph guidelines correctly. Hope to see more as your grow progresses.

yes i try I was just worried as noted in first post it is my first attempt, but thanks and now that i found this I will post pics every week good or bad, thanks for caring man that means alot.

oh actually now that I have you guys in here should i start another thread or could you answer from these pics if you would top, or fim or just leave alone as it seems to be progressing just fine

Topping and training is a bit more work and a little more advanced and it depends a lot on what you want to do with the plants and personal growing style. Maybe keep it simple until you get a little more experience under your belt. But if you want to learn more we have lots of helpful articles available.

Start slow and keep it as simple and straight forward as possible. Remember the more complicated you make it, the more likely something could go wrong and if it does, with too many things going on, it’ll be harder to tell what is causing the problems.

i think i will read up but wait people are trying to get me to do one or the other but im not comfortable doing either and i believe in comfort makes correct

That’s right, start slow and simple and only do what you feel comfortable. As you gain more experience you’ll feel comfortable doing more advanced stuff.

i have bone meal too and a nutrient solution high in phosforus and magneseum should i use the cal-mag or the bone meal followed up by the nurtrient solution premixed that i bought to feed them with its made by nutrient supply company i believe it is underground tea

You probably don’t have to do anything but stop over watering. You caught it soon enough. Foliar feeding the magnesium sulfate solution will get magnesium into the plant the fastest and bypass the water logged roots, but if you don’t feel comfortable with foliar feeding yet, don’t worry about it. The quickest and most common problems new growers get themselves into is over watering and over fertilizing. You have a great soil, don’t over think it, it sounds like you have a general idea of the basics, keep it simple and you’ll do just fine.

thanks for the help man one more for now i started turning the soil over yesterday but didn’t touch the tight ball that seems to have the roots inside (i guess I’m trying to say didn’t go too close to roots but to right where i could see them sticking trough), today that soil seems dry very dry didn’t put moisture meter on it but its dry what should i wait to read on the meter on the packed center soil where roots are for a moisture content of the soil?

For most beginners it is safer to under water a little at first rather than over-water. Remember, in the wild, plants often will have to go a little with out a rainfall or such and a little wilting from being a little dry won’t really harm your plant. And it is much better than the alternative.

For beginners you should wait until the pot and plant feel noticeably lighter and the first signs of leaf wilt from the soil being a little too dry before watering the soil to saturation. If your soil isn’t drying out in about a day or two and no more than a short few days(3-4) with a large fast growing plant, then your soil needs to be amended to drain better but it’s too late for that in your situation. Don’t mess with the root ball or fine roots coming out if it, this could stress the plant and introduce disease to the damaged roots, but for the most part as your plants look so healthy, they should recover fine. Keep track of how long it takes for this lighter weight and slight wilting to occur and before you know it you will be able to tell when it is best to water just by glancing at your plant’s leaves, even before your average Joe is able to notice any leaf wilt.

Also you may begin to see the leaf swell when too wet and this will give a good idea to back off on the watering before you end up with a fungus gnat outbreak and other water logged root problems. BTW, excessive fungus gnats is a sign the soil is staying too wet too long and too often. On average you should also notice timeline patterns for each strain, where they will use more or less amounts of water depending on different stages of the plant’s life cycle such as the amount of water required will change during different times of vegetative and flowering growth.