Pot size? What's most important from heighth, depth or cubic feet?

I’m doing raised bed veggie garden and have seen laundry baskets lined with weed cloth being used for even growing corn. So now I’m curious if this would work for some ladies :blush: I have lots of weed cloth and I’m considering trying. Opinions?


Interesting concept. Curious to see some responses. Would be similar to fabric pots I imagine. :thinking:

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Yep. I was originally planning on sewing up a bunch of buckets then saw that on Pinterest. I have way too many rolls of weed cloth (project from 6 years ago) so it makes sense to use it. You still need to add holes to bottom of basket. And I have pallets to sit them on. Doing raised bed & containers this year has made my life easier :blush:


@SmoknGranny to me it sounds like you are making your own smart pots or cloth pots. And if you are then yes ypur lady’s will love you. Smart pots are the only way I grow anything any more. Even moving some regular house plants into fabric pots.


Thanks and yep that’s the plan. What I’m in debate about is if its better to have more depth or like with the laundry basket idea have more surface area :thinking: . If I make 3-5 gallon bags I’m going to be limited by the width of the weed cloth. I’m planning ahead for next spring already :grinning:


the landscape fabric is not uv stable the sun breaks down the fabric but you probably get a season out of them. I grow in the phat sacs and it dosn’t take long for the roots to go straight throu the bottom so extra depth would be good.

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Thanks. One season will work fine.

i’d say model it after a 5 galon pail. you might be able to get on off a restaraunt , but never use one that had oil in it

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Granny, find a pot, bucket, soup-kettle, whatever - that is the size and shape you want to try. Wrap it with your weed-cloth and staple it. Once you have the shape, you can sew it sturdy and remove the staples.

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Also doubling the fabric.

yes depth helps it be a stronger plant. yes the fabric isn’t built for strength, but in a laundry tub its fine

Thanks. I was already planning on doubling the fabric. For garden veggies the laundry basket lined will work for many. Seeing the root system on MJ spreads so much is where I began wondering if the laundry baskets would work. I’m just trying to use what I have to do the job :blush: So when the snow falls and I’m stuck inside this winter, I’m going to make tall bags and basket liners. Come spring I’ll try both and see what the results are.

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I think any basket, wire mesh trashcan, or even a form made out of chicken wire would work if lined with the fabric. In that case one layer inside would probably be enough.

I have some 1/2’ mesh galvanized garden screen, some fabric, an idea, my next grow to plan for, and time on my hands. - Stand by!

LOL I’m always looking at ways to build a better "mouse trap’ (i.e. 5 gallon bucket with roller bar and pnut butter), using stuff I already have. I’ve gotten quite crafty these past few years :blush:

I really think one of those wire mesh decorator trash cans for the bathroom would hold about 2-3 gallons. And would be dead easy if you have one on hand.

Don’t have those but could pick them up at a Dollar Tree. I do have some wood pallets, hardware cloth, wire fence, etc. building frameworks is easy. I’m amazed at the high winds we sometimes get here so biggest goal is a stable base. I think that’s why the laundry basket idea is appealing. I don’t know about re pinning from Pinterest to here is allowed or even how to do it :blush: But that’s where I saw it. The guy even had a watering system set up with 55 gallon drum and open gutter setup. Awesome!

I’m doing mine for inside.

I see. I’m pretty well stuck with outdoor growing although I have picked up a small outdoor greenhouse on clearance and may use it to get an early start next year. Do you have a room or closet? I can’t remember from your posts elsewhere here. Sorry. Getting old and a little buzzed right now :rofl:

I have a dedicated walk in closet, and a question. This is the mesh I had left. works out to a 1 foot diameter tube, 2 feet long I don’t plan on having more than 2 plants for now, but will be re-potting my 2 plants now and trying to re-veg them. So would you cut this in half and make 2 pots or shorten it a bit for 1 tall pot?

I don’t know how to link a post, but I’ll tag you in a post on my grow journal.