Possible Lockout - Could you critique my plan

White Widow and AK-47 ILGM Autoflowers
Golden Leaf ILGM Feminized
First grow
Day 92 from seed

So my plant is show deficiencies in upper leaves that started at the bottom. So that would mean its a mobile nutrient issue. I believe I have salt build up in plants. The reason is i am running coco, but i was watering/feeding them as your suppose to do with soil. meaning i would let it have a dry period. also i would not always water to 20% run off. Since i realized this is not how you feed/water coco, i have began to water more frequently. I know my pants will now show signs of nutrient burn and deficiencies forever accept for on new growth. However my plants are continuing to to progress with yellowing leaves moving up. I am flowing most of plants but i have a couple still in veg and they are the same. so i know its more than the plants age.


  • watered a plant with RO water,
  • ran 5 gallons through the 5 gallon pot. let the plant drain and i got the last 20% of run off and tested it.
Water Input Water Output
Test Result meas. Test Result meas.
pH 6.13 pH pH 6.61 pH
EC 0.12 mS/cm2 EC 0.894 mS/cm2
TDS 85 ppm TDS 633 ppm
Salinity 0.06 ppt Salinity 0.45 ppt
Resistivity 8.4 Resistivity 1.1

Observation of data:
I know i need to get my ph down, i need to decrease it by 0.8. Also my EC is almost at 1 with nothing added so i need to get rid of excess nutrient build up.

I than ran another round of RO water and the EC increased to a little over 1.4 EC or 1000 something ppm


  1. Flush each plant with at least 3x the pot capacity. Use a pH of 5.0 . No nutrient
  2. Get the very last of the run off and test to see where i am at. If pH is not around 5.8 will continue to adjust by flush.
  3. See what the EC/TDS is reading. If it is more that 300+ of input water, then continue to flush.
  4. Give them 1 day of rest
  5. Continue next day with 50% strength of nutrient solution
  6. increase solution to 75-80% over a few days
  7. Continue until harvest

Plants are about to wake up. I am going to flush the initial plant i did the test on today and see how it is reading, i might have to reassess later

That part worries me. My understanding of coco is that you feed every day. Here’s someone who does coco, I believe. I am a soil guy.


You’re overcomplicating it -

Pretty much this is where I’d go.

But here’s my real advice knowing what I know about coco:

  • it needs to be rebuffered, I’d start by running water through with full strength CalMag and not worrying about much else.
  • return to watering at full strength business as usual, ensure there’s always a full dose of CalMag in your feed water and always water to 20% runoff.

As Poly said, you’ll be chasing your tail if you try to figure out runoff pH and PPMs, because coco has ionic bonds that grab and release things as needed - calcium, sodium, some other stuff I’m not actually remembering.


Thanks for hook up @HMGRWN , also your comment. Does it worry you because i could be causing even more deficiencies?

@anon72256435 man that’s easy, thanks dude!here you watching your run off ppm and see it dropping and then once so is when you went back to full strength?

ok this is kinda of like buffering the coco before i used it, thats why you suggest the cal-mag flush?

hah i re-read it and thats exactly what you said haha. I was typing and spilt redbull alll over my laptop so i was like FUUUUUUUU LOL. Haha I wish I had it recorded , everything started crashing and falling down hahaha :sweat_smile:

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Exactly right. You’re resetting the ionic bonds (f**k if I know the right term - cations or somethin like that) and getting the calcium to rebind where bad crap will be the default and cause havoc for the plants if ya don’t.


@anon72256435 @Graysin

I real appreciate it guys!!! Made my day so much better! How long until your girls perked back up? The one plant I did yesterday looks so much happier but like @anon72256435 was say with the nitrogen toxicity, the top top leaves look super dark green today ! Glad you could point out the buffering man I didn’t read anything about doing that!!!

Okay off I go to buffer away lol thx again

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Pretty much, yeah. Not knowing coco at all, I was hesitant to say much but I have heard that coco is a feed every day type grow.
I see my growmies got you on the right path! :+1: :grin:


Very good suggestion to flush with the calmag water. I had to flush the pH down first grow and that’s what I did. Cation exchange sites get out of whack and a coco grow goes all to heck. I probably sound like a broken record sometimes but there’s an article about flushing on the cocoforcannabis website.


@Outlaw nah man for sure, I think I read it before but I will go check it out again. After I get all red Bull out of my laptop lol :rofl: