Possible hermie? Need help

Hello guys! First time grower here. I am growing 3 square one genetics grape glaze that are currently in week 4 of flower. They are in 70/30 coco coir. Ph’d at 6.0-6.5. Today I noticed what seems to be a calyx with a pistol but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a hermy/pollen sac. I’m 99.9 percent sure it’s not but just wanted to hear from a more experienced grower.


Nope pure female it’s just swollen calyxes aka the bud


Thank you Dclark.


I agree, she’s showing 100% woman right now, lol


Just swollen calyxes. Nothing to worry about


looks good

Its a girl.yay. A hermie with sacs is 100% unmistakable.

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i have a gold leaf hermie in my grow at least three flowers have opnd upand released pollin before i noticed them and have been taking the bulbs out or off the branches as soo as i noticw them its only clusters of 2 or 3 flowers per maim branches of the plant th funny thing is that i am growing 2 gold leaf plants and stressed one out bad almot killing it on the 3rd week of flower the ph got 8.5 on this plant is why all the pinwheel leaves ilted away any how that blant is not a hermie at all the one that had no stress that i know of i the hermie what kind if seeds come from this all hermie seeds or some regular ? also have some gg#4 inthe grow that had been also polinated

by these few flowers i dont know how much pollen ws released but with the fans blowing it could have gotten every were before i seen i had a hermie and its less than 5 % of the plant that is male the flower are hard to find when they are small and when opened its to late should i have gotten rid of this plant I dont know much about hermies can someon clue me in as to what to expect with my delema ? thankyou John D

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Kinda expect a hermie to produce that trait. The seeds from the gg will almost certainly be bad. Gg has a chance to hermie anyway. The plants themselves that pollinated just grow to finish. Wasnt till the late 70’s early 80’s till we really had seedless grass.

Is this a herm?

Looks female to me do you have a side view of the plant

I recently tied back the two main stalks to try to train the plant to open up. Now this happened, not sure if it is cause-and-effect. Is the whole plant gone or just these stalks? Feminized blackberry Kush. Mahalos!!!