Portable AC units worth it?

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Are portable ac units worth it? I have a guy who wants to trade me one. I’d like your thoughts.

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Placed inside a tent it would vent the air too fast.
Even in a large room they run a long time because they vent the room air out the window.
So you cool the room air and then suck it out the window…
I think there are a couple that pull and vent evaporator air from outside.
Perhaps if the cold air was blowing directly on your air intake it might work.

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They work, as long as the exhaust is venting the heat out a window. You probably could connect the cool side to the tent. @KingCrimson


Some info might help you decide…
I have seen people use them successfully

My thought is, having the ac unit sit in the room, hot air venting straight out. And calling it a day. The added benefit of being a dehumidifier is also appealing. So on hot or extra moist days, I can turn it on, otherwise hope I wouldn’t need it all the time.


Just remember that if it only has one exhaust tube then it will pull in as much outside air as it vents. So if its humid outside then that air will seep into the room. I had one in my bedroom in North Carolina and it ran nonstop all night and only cooled the room slightly.

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An A/C unit is a heat pump: it moves heat from one spot to the next, generating ADDITIONAL heat along the way. Unless you vent the waste heat out of your space you will just be getting things warmer. It’s like pulling yourself up with your shoe laces.


Thanks guys, you helped a lot.



I was gonna say the same, provided it vents outside.


Good piece of equipment to have while growing :wink:


The hot air coming out will be like a humidifier lol…

In my opinion, if you do this

You will pay a bunch extra in your utility bills but get nothing from the unit. For every pro you get from ac like cooler air and less humidity, if you don’t exhaust the exhaust out if the room it will be 100% offset by the hot and humid exhaust leaving you to pay a bunch of extra money for nothing.

A simple fan would be better

And even if you vent the hose outside it still pulls air into the room because it has to make up for the air it exhausts. So if outside air is hot and humid then its a wash.

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This thread shows a way to set it up so it will cool the tent.
[No more goofing around anymore]
See Pic #2

If your going to go with a portable Ac
Make sure you get a dual vented unit
The single tube units are cheaper but also use room air the cool condenser so your throwing $ and cool air out the window

I use a portable in my flower room 12000btu
Works great my room is in my basement with small windows so a window ac isn’t a option

You’ll get more for you $ going with a window unit If you can use one

If your in a tent cool room tent in located in allowing cooled air to be pulled into tent