Co2 and portable ac

Anyone have experience with portable ac and co2? Wondering what is the best portable ac to use? Please only experienced feed back


I dont use co2 but i use portable ac. I dont really think one brand is better than another but you definitely want 2 pipe as single pipe uses the conditioned space for condenser air removing much of the cooled air to the outside. Wasting energy and $$

I personally use a portable ac unit in my flower tent to keep my temps down. Surely was expensive even more so now than before but here is what i use. I would definitely recommend the dual hose unit otherwise your just wasting money and your unit wont be nearly as efficient as a dual hose unit as 1 hose functions as a exhuast getting rid of your hot air and another one brings in the fresh (cold) air. The 1 hose units will pump the hot air into your tent and they will be on nonstop struggling to keep temps low as its fighting itself. Never had any issues with my portable unit but if i had another chance to get one i would surely get one with a heating function as now i have to run a heater in my flower tent and im kicking myself for not getting one with that function. Also a side note the dehumidifier mode is worthless so dont think this will by any means replace a dehumidifier as well like me
Whynter ARC-12SD 12,000 (6,936 BTU SACC) Dual Hose Cooling Portable Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier, White and Fan with Activated Carbon Filter Plus Storage Bag, up to 400 sq ft