Pollen, how to kill it?

May I ask how to kill pollen? I had one herm out I guess and a pollen pod just went crazy…I can tell which plant but w

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About the only thing to do is try and remove any male flowers as they appear, hopefully before they mature and burst open releasing any pollen.

The only problem with this is I didn’t know that one of my plants hermed. It was all my fault!!! My light fan is above the first of 7 plants so… I thought hey let that one get cold and maybe purple up? But no!!! It had to shoot yellow stuff all over the place. That plant had millions and billions of seeds. But the one farthest from it didn’t have hardly any seeds. So I am bubble hash the seeds and smoking the rest. It’s about an 80% lost in weight when drying? Does this sound about right? Thanks for replying!! Macgyver Stoner!!! I love that name!! The on so weird part is all of my friends say I am the mcgyver of stoners and here you reply to my problem!!! So thanks fellow tinker. I watch tinker bell with my little girl and she said I would be a tinker fairy the way I like to tinker with everything. So would that mean I am tinker stoner? Or stoner tinker? I think I should ponder over a bowl of bubble…btw I have super silver Hase og Kush and green crack bubble and it taste like heaven!!! Thanks ILGM and thanks to this community!! I truly do appreciate you!

thats funny made me laugh there though. good luck on the grow and have fun.

I wanted to say thank you if you were talking to me.

you are welcome @cliffp73. There are very good people here all to learn and help each other grow. peace @irma1010

Ok I have another funny story. I just got my first closed loop… so I blew butane “gas” through my trim some how instead of fluid and got 0 my very first run!!! I was so embarrassed! I looked around and of course no one is orthry would be… anyway. I just looked at the spool and it nothing in it!! 0!!! I have done plenty of open. Just no one around that does this other than myself. Just a little excited and still don’t have clue as to how I did that!!

Water will neutralize it pretty well.

Ok now where where you 3 years ago when that would have been so very useful!! I do thank you for replying!!!

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Now you know! If you ever find hermie balls or nanners, spray the area with water & spray your fingers, too. Then pinch off the balls/nanners. Wash your hands & spray the area with water again. No need to saturate the area or anything.

There use to be a product on the market called sensi spray it was great for soaking seeds to feminize also could spray on any male flowers and overnight they would die and fall off
I can’t find any old info on this product so I would say a lot of money has been paid to remove any information about it. Seeing the seed industry is massive
I used to use it so I know it existed.

Water will do it.