Did they go herm?

Dudes i had a good grow going but i think they hermied! I was defoliating and noticed what i think are male flowers! I started them early november and theyre 26 days from flip! What you guys think? Am i screwed or do i just pull off what i can and hope for the best? @BigDaddyCain @Nicky @OhHeyThere @Covertgrower @Not2SureYet @GreenJewels @Mote


That’s what it is…


Flowers don’t look open but that’s not promising at all… get rid of the one that had that and if it’s both… Sorry for your loss

Yeah definitely get the boys outta there! Hopefully they didn’t all go on you! :crossed_fingers:

They both turned!!! Theyre only showing up on the bottom popcorn buds so i pulled just about all i could see on one of them so far! i think imma see em through though 3 months is too much time to just throw em away! i dont even smoke anymore and the veija says a couple seeds aint the end of the world for her… im just worried about them pollinating my next grow! you guys ever have this happen? @oldmarine @BigItch @Dankloud?

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Just clean like your about to get a heart transplant in there. Meaning all fans tent, seams, pots, lights ect.
Yep had it before but I trash the grow because once I see seeds… I know that’s all my plant is concentrating on is seeds.
I have a decent supply of meds so easy throw away. I grow outside sometimes as well and three months is a drop in the bucket.

Plain water will deactivate pollen. I spray down my tents with bleach water.

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That’s a pollen sack unfortunately yes… Go through them and clip them all off you can still save it.


I’m with Nicky.


Damn sucks. Don’t look opened yet whenever u see on pop up chop it off super careful. If u get them all before they pop open u might be gold to finish. Otherwise ur gonna have some beenered up stuff. Is there a light leak around the tent or what’s the cause and what strain is that. Sorry if I missed this question already

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Right on bros ill be vigilant and hopefully everything goes good! And theyre ilgm blue dreams @Mark0427 I dont think its a light leak its a tent in a closet and i cant see a damn thing when im in there…so im thinking it was maybe too cold before i got a heater in there (~55 low), or i defoliated too soon into flowering (right before flip & 2 weeks after), or i let the water get too low in the bubble bucket, or i turned the intensity up on my es300 too soon and let em get too close… or itmight of been a combination of all that! Either way theres to many variables to pinpoint what caused it but ill try and fix all that on the next one! ill let yall know how they turn out and thanks for the replies! @nicky @oldmarine @DRsDank @BigItch @Dankloud wish me luck!